kung fu moves · 01/28/2023

Bruce Lee Inch fist preparation posture exercise

(1) The preparatory posture of the inch fist and the subsequent cooperative training will be divided into 3-inch boxing and 1-inch boxing exercises, which will not be explained later. The practice of the main pose of the 3-inch boxing can help you maintain a proper position with your opponent so that you have room to reach your full potential.The main posture exercise of the 1-inch boxing will help you master the perfect pose to concentrate and quickly exert all your energy and produce great power.

(2) At a distance of 40cm from the sandbag, draw four dark spacer lines 30cm long and 2cm wide (it is best to draw lines with lacquered or pigment that is not easy to fade), and the interval between the lines is 2cm. This is used to standardize the stride and fist distance,

(3) In a class, first practice the 3-inch boxing preparation posture. After training 1-inch boxing preparation pose.

3-inch boxing preparatory pose exercise

Face the sandbag and stand about 45 cm away, with your right foot anywhere 12-25 cm behind your left foot. The right shoulder and the point to be hit (the middle line of the sandbag) are in a straight line, and the toe of the right foot should be stretched outward about 10 degrees. The width between the feet should be slightly less than shoulder width and the hands should naturally sag and relax at the sides of the body. Eyes naturally level ahead. That is, complete the 3-inch punch preparation pose. (Figure 60-1, 2, 3)

Bruce Lee Inch fist preparation posture exercise-illustration-

Practice method:

(1) Stand well according to the illustration and instructions, and repeatedly check whether the posture is correct. After standing, hold the posture, relax your body, stand for 30 seconds, and then dissolve the pose. Repeat the practice from a scattered position to a 3-inch punch preparation position for 1 minute continuously.

(2) Stand in a preparatory posture and follow the essentials of relaxation exercises in Biological Cultivation (1). Practice 2 minutes of standing relaxation. Pay attention to the feeling of muscle relaxation.

1 inch boxing preparatory posture exercise

The essentials of the preparatory posture of the 1-inch fist and the 3-inch fist are the same, except that the right foot is about 8cm behind the left foot (as shown in Figure 61-1 side-view 1-inch fist preparatory posture; Figure 2 shows a close-up of the position of the feet).

Bruce Lee Inch fist preparation posture exercise-illustration-1

Exercise method: the same as the 3-inch boxing method, a total of 3 minutes.