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Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise

This is one of the most important parts of Bruce Lee’s inch-fist practice, designed to develop muscle strength in key parts of the body that are involved in the power of inch-fist.

The great explosive strength of the inch fist (floating fist) lies in the concentration of the integrated energy of the mind (mind power) and the movement of body parts (movement force). So there is no doubt . If you increase the strength of muscle contractions in the key areas of your body, the explosive energy of the inch punch (including other punches) will definitely increase greatly, and this practice will also allow you to have strong and flexible joints, which is important because, as Grandmaster Bruce Lee pointed out: “The first thing to do is to make the joints withstand and transmit the most powerful force that is advanced during the blow.” The focal areas that must be strengthened are: wrists, forearms, elbows (tendons), triceps brachii (i.e. extensors), shoulders (deltoids), and back muscle groups in the upper arm. During the punching process, with the cooperation of body movement, the muscle contraction energy generated by these parts will be transmitted through the fist and explode at the target.

In the first stage of physical fitness development training session, this part of the exercise time is 25 minutes (if you are poor in this area, you can extend the training time appropriately and give targeted reinforcement exercises).

This part of the exercises is divided into two sets of exercises, you can follow the schedule arrangement, the two sets of movements rolling alternately, so as to increase some practice interest.

Every time you practice, remember: you must pay full attention and train carefully! After training, especially after muscle strength training, it is necessary to do finishing exercises (such as shaking arms, etc.) to relax the muscles to promote recovery and ensure muscle elasticity and vitality.

isometric exercise

Effect: This group of exercises can strengthen the arm strength and help develop wrist toughness and grip strength. It also has a good strengthening effect on the strength of shoulders, back and abdominal muscles.

Practice method: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Relax the whole body, and then try to control the rhythmic tension~relax~tension~relax of the muscles in all parts of the body. Do this continuously for 10 seconds. Pay attention to the muscle feeling when it is tense. Non-stop, vertical palms of both hands, palms touching. Elbows and arms move still and forcefully push each other. Practice for 20 seconds (Figure 40-1).

Then shake your hands to relax, and then make a fist with both hands in front of your feet and push each other with both fists still, practice for 20 seconds (Figure 40-2), relax a little, as shown in Figure 40-3, hold your hands in front of your chest, and send out both hands at the same time Push each other outwards and practice for 20 seconds. Then clasp your fingers together in front of your chest, and at the same time reverse and stand still and pull out forcefully to resist. Practice for 20 seconds (Figure 40-4)

Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise-illustration-

Relax slightly, then press the railing or other object behind the back of both hands, and use the dorsal abdominal muscles of the shoulders and abs at the same time to adduct inward. Then at the same time, at rest, force outward and practice one by one for 30 seconds (Figures 40-5, 6).

Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise-illustration-1

Requirements: Do this exercise at any time when you are free.

Tiger Jumping Sport

Function: It can effectively strengthen the strength and toughness of wrist, elbow joint, biceps, triceps, shoulder and back muscles.

How to practice: Keep your feet together. Kneel with the soles of your feet against the wall, with your palms on the ground, fingers clasped together, fingertips touching, and your hands should be just below your mouth when you look down (Figure 41-1). This is the starting position of the tiger jumping movement.

Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise-illustration-2

As (Fig. 41-2), slowly elevate your body until your hands, arms, and legs are fully straight (ankles and knees together, and the soles of your feet should not be moved against the wall).

Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise-illustration-3

Bend your elbows to the left and right (legs are not bent) and slowly bring your body down until your forehead touches your hands (Figures 41-3).

Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise-illustration-4

Then kneel with both knees bent and head up to return to the starting position (Figures 41-4).

Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise-illustration-5

Repeat the exercise for 1 minute for 1 set (no rest in between), for a total of 3 sets.

If you are struggling to do this exercise for the first time, you can lower the requirements a little or ask a companion to give you a little support while you practice this exercise. Please be sure to master this set of movements and practice repeatedly.

Lumbar hip twisting exercise
Role: “The twisting of the waist is the basic practice of learning punches” (Bruce Lee).

How to practice: Tie a rope on a 20X 28cm piece of tissue paper and hang down from a high place to chest height.

With the paper as the goal, bend your elbows and loosen your fists to your chest, and stand with your feet parallel about 17-25cm away from the paper. Knees slightly bent (Figure 42-1) then turn your body clockwise to the right until your toes want to rotate with the trend, at this time your body should turn completely to the right, at an angle of 90 degrees to the target, the center of gravity of your body is shifted to the left foot, and both eyes are always fixed on the target (Figure 42-2), keep stopping, with the toes as the axis, suddenly turn the hip to the left, the center of gravity of the body quickly moves to the other foot, and at the same time raise the right elbow at shoulder height, and use the force of hip shoulder rotation to hit the target. This turning force should make your body turn exactly 180 degrees, facing to the left, that is, in the opposite direction to the beginning (Fig. 42-3).

Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise-illustration-6

Repeat the practice of twisting the waist and elbow to hit the target for 20 seconds X3 set

Basic points of exercise: “1. Quickly use the waist as the hub, quickly turn the waist, so that the shoulders and hips come out of the arms first.2. Rotate the whole body to move the weight of the body from one foot to the other. (Bruce Lee)”

Grip motion

What it does: This exercise is used to build wrist and forearm muscle strength.

Practice method: Place the watch or alarm clock where you see it, such as (Figure 43-1) with both feet open, and hold the grip handle of the grip with both hands bent on the side of the elbow up.

Grip the grip with both hands and release it as quickly as possible, so heavy for 15 seconds. Then hold the grip without letting go for about 15 seconds, release it for 15 seconds, hold it for another 15 seconds, and repeat for 1 minute.

Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise-illustration-7

The above exercises are 1 set, a total of 3 sets.

Wall target exercises

Function: Increase the strength of the attack, exercise the stability of the waist horse, and gradually thicken the epidermis, muscles and even muscles and bones of the fists, improve resistance and boxing hardness.

Practice method: hang the wall target or mille-feuille paper on the wall, open it 50cm away from the target with a “two-character mandarin horse”, and then hit the wall target alternately with both fists according to the serial punching method, and the fist will exert tension at the moment of hitting the target. When you start practicing, it’s a good idea to bring a thin pair of boxing gloves (or other replacement gloves) to hit the wall target. And properly control the force. When your fist joints are tougher, it’s time to start bare-boxing gravity target practice! (Figure 44-1, 2).Figure 44-3 shows Grandmaster Bruce Lee using a straight fist as a wall target exercise.

Bruce Lee Inch Fist – Muscle Strength Development Exercise-illustration-8

This set can hit 50-100 punches at the beginning of the exercise, and then increase the number of exercises by mouth. With constant exercise, your fists can not only withstand the powerful impact force, but also exert even greater power to attack the opponent. This can enhance the attack effect of the inch. It is also one of the original functions of broken bricks. You can usually do more fist push-up exercises to help strengthen.

What is static exercise?

THIS REFERS TO THE “VPPER OVTWARD FORCE” THAT GRANDMASTER BRUCE LEE OFTEN USES IN MUSCLE STRENGTH TRAINING. It is a muscle strength exercise method advocated by Bruce Lee. For example: touch the wall with both hands, push and hold the pressure for a few seconds of static force.

This training theory was first proposed in 1952 by the West German scholar Müller and others. At the time they thought that when training with 40%^50% of maximum muscle strength, its duration should be 15-20 seconds. And so on. Under 60%-70% force. The time is 6-7 seconds, 4-6 seconds with 80%-90% force, and 2-3 seconds at 100% force. If you train in this way, you can increase muscle strength and increase your muscles. In terms of the frequency of practice, do it 3-6 times a day.About 20 times a week. Works best. Others think it’s best to do 20 sets a day.

Although static muscle training cannot exercise all parts of the joint at once, it can maximize the muscle strength of the closer area to achieve the exercise effect. Therefore. Around 1964, this training method was extremely popular, but because of reports that this practice often damaged the muscles of players, and this training method has not become the mainstream of sports training, by 1967, the American sports community began to promote isokinetic muscle strength training

It is a dynamic muscle training that maximizes muscle strength from all angles.

Grandmaster Bruce Lee through practice. Static muscle training is considered the best way to train muscles. But Grandmaster Bruce Lee did not simply do static muscle strength training. He often changes his training methods and constantly researches and develops muscle training techniques, so he integrates a lot of muscle strength training methods and contents in Grandmaster Bruce Lee’s physical exercise techniques. The exercises introduced in this tutorial are composed of a variety of effective methods, and you can experience and benefit from different training effects through your own practice.