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Boxing with basic attack techniques in taekwondo


This is the most basic taekwondo technique of attacking with a fist, the principle of punching is to move forward from the waist side, first the back of the fist is held down at the waist, and then the fist is struck forward in an internal rotation way, so when the arm is fully extended, the back of the fist is up, after the fist is retracted, the other arm is also struck out according to the law, and the back of the retracted fist should be facing down.

When swinging the arm, the wrist joint should be fully straightened, try to increase the working distance, and immediately close the fist once the target is attacked, this is to control the center of gravity of the body, and sometimes in order to have more favorable force, you can also turn the waist slightly to make the punch more elastic.

This attack can be divided into two types: shun-attack and counter-attack: shun-attack means that when the left fist is made, the left foot is also in front (Fig. 155 – front and Fig. 156 side). The reverse attack is the opposite, that is, when attacking the right fist, the left foot is in front (Figures 157, 158). The part of the attack can be divided into upper, middle, and lower sections. The upper segment is the face, the middle segment is the chest, and the lower segment is the abdomen.

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Downward attack

A downward attack is an attack on an opponent from top to bottom, and is generally used to hit an opponent after falling to the ground, see (Figure 159).

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This is the method of attacking a side opponent, and the punch should be accompanied by a shoulder spiral arm (Figure 160).

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Capture the jaw

This attack is similar to a hook, in which the fist strikes the opponent’s chin from the bottom up, see (Figures 161, 162).

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Two-handed attack

You can hit your opponent in the face with one hand and the abdomen with the other, this punch is often used when two people are approaching, trying to bring their elbows close to their waist before punching. You can also attack the middle of the middle with both fists at the same time, as shown in Figure 163.

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Attack back

This is a swing-like punch that requires the swing of the arm to draw a large circle or semicircle and hit the opponent, but requires the elbow to be bent, see the movement of the person on the right in (Figure 164).

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