kung fu moves · 06/05/2023

Boxing sandbag teaching illustration

Correctly mastering boxing techniques can increase striking power and explosiveness. It has a good effect on enhancing people’s physical strength, endurance, arm strength and wrist strength.

The basic exercises for hitting sandbags are as follows:

(1) Left straight punch sandbag (Picture 108)

Starting from the actual combat posture of boxing, shift the center of gravity forward while striking with the left fist, lean forward with the left shoulder, use the front foot to the ground, and turn the waist to the right to drive the left arm forward to increase the strength of the strike. While striking, the left arm rotates, and the fist is downward at the moment when the left fist touches the sandbag.

Boxing sandbag teaching illustration-illustration-

(2) Punch the sandbag with a straight right punch (Fig. 109)

Starting from the boxing combat position, press the ground with your right foot, turn your upper body and waist to the left at the same time, and move your right shoulder forward. Leaning forward with your right arm, punch out.

Boxing sandbag teaching illustration-illustration-1

(3) Left swing punch sandbag (Fig. 110)

Start with the actual combat posture, with the sole of the left foot as the axis, the heel off the ground, and turn the hip to the right. While turning the body, the left arm raises the elbow and moves in an arc to hit the target.

Boxing sandbag teaching illustration-illustration-2

(4) Swing right fist punch sandbag (Fig. 111)

Starting from the actual combat posture, slide the left foot further towards the target and the left hand, and press the ground hard with the right foot to accelerate the speed of the body’s movement towards the target. Swing your right fist to hit the target.

Boxing sandbag teaching illustration-illustration-3
(5) Punch the sandbag with the upper left hook (Figure 112)

Start with the actual combat position, bend your legs, turn slightly to the left, lower your center of gravity, bend your left arm, turn to the right at the moment of punching, straighten your knees, and hit the sandbag diagonally upwards.

Boxing sandbag teaching illustration-illustration-4
(6) Right upper hook punching sandbag (Fig. 113)

Start with a real standing position. Turn the body to the right, shift the center of gravity to the right foot, and bend the knee, lowering the body. When punching, shift the weight of the body to the right foot, straighten the legs, and turn the waist to turn the position. Hit the sandbag diagonally upwards.

Boxing sandbag teaching illustration-illustration-5
Precautions for hitting sandbags:

(1) First, draw a white strike point (5 cm in diameter) two-thirds of the sandbag as a target. Single punches and one and two combos must be hit at this marker point to develop accuracy in hitting the target.

(2) Sandbags have two types of play: stable and swinging.

Stable play: in pairs. One person holds the sandbag steady, and the other practices striking to avoid inaccurate rotation and distance. Sandbag holders can also help correct mistakes in punching postures and punching routes. The person holding the sandbag should be able to see the action of hitting people. The power of the striker is small, and it can be supported like the left picture in Figure 114; The striking force is greater, and it can be supported like the right picture in Figure 114.

Boxing sandbag teaching illustration-illustration-6
Swing play: Boxing during the swing of the sandbag, this style of play is more difficult, you must first learn the stable style of play, and then learn the swing style of play.

(3) When striking, it is necessary to cooperate with the movement of the front and back, left and right feet, and make full use of the hip rotation force of the pedal. Hitting has power.

(4) The practice of punching sandbags should not be too much, so as not to stiffen the muscles and shape the speed. Each practice of 3 minutes is 1 set, with a 1-minute break in between, usually practice 3-5 sets, and increase the number of sets before the game.

(5) When hitting the sandbag, you must wrap the hand guard cloth and wear gloves for hitting the sandbag to prevent injuries to the fingers and the epidermis of the fist.