kung fu moves · 06/05/2023

Boxing Return Method-Right Hand Blocking Illustration

The right hand blocks the left straight boxing return fire (Figure 49)

Boxing Return Method-Right Hand Blocking Illustration-illustration-
When an opponent punches me in the head with a straight left punch, I use my right hand to open my fist and block my opponent’s punch 10-15 cm from the chin, while turning slightly to the left and quickly shifting the center of gravity forward to hit his chin with a straight left punch, in a quick and flexible movement.

Note: (1) The defender’s right hand should not push forward by more than 20 cm or use the right hand to grab and push from top to bottom.

(2) Do not lean back on the head and upper body while blocking the defense, so as not to lose balance.

Left shoulder blocks right straight boxing return head or right upper hook boxing belly (Figure 50)

Boxing Return Method-Right Hand Blocking Illustration-illustration-1
When the opponent hits my head with a straight left lift, I can lift my left shoulder to cover my chin, lower my head slightly so that my chin is close to my left collarbone, use the deltoid muscle of my left shoulder to block my opponent’s punch, and at the same time bend my left arm to protect my abdomen, in order to buffer the force of the blow, I can turn slightly to the right at the same time, and hit the head with a right straight fist or hit the abdomen with a right hook fist.


(1) At the beginning, do more shoulder exercises, and the movements should be relaxed and natural.

(2) When hitting the opponent’s abdomen with the right upper hook punch at close range, be sure to cooperate with the forward sliding step. If you hit with a hook, you should immediately hit the opponent in the head with your left fist.