kung fu moves · 06/05/2023

Boxing return method right forearm blocking illustration

Slap left hand down to right and return head with a right hook punch (Fig. 63)

Boxing return method right forearm blocking illustration-illustration-
The opponent punches my upper body with a straight right hand, I slap down right with my left hand, shift the center of gravity to the right foot, and at the same time turn the body slightly to the right, then immediately move the center to the left foot and punch the opponent in the head with the right upper hook.

Note: Practice defensive techniques first, and then practice return action after proficiency.

Flash back to return the head with a straight left punch, or a right upper hook punch to hit the abdomen (Figure 64)

Boxing return method right forearm blocking illustration-illustration-1
When an opponent strikes the abdomen with a right straight fist, I dodge back or move backwards to get rid of it (not too far) and tuck my chest and abdomen. When my opponent retracts my punch, I immediately slide forward and hit my opponent in the abdomen with my right upper hook, or I return the blow with my Ren Fist on the exposed air of my opponent.

The right forearm blocks and strikes back the opponent’s chin with a left-hooked punch (Fig. 65)

Boxing return method right forearm blocking illustration-illustration-2

When the opponent punches the right side of my head with a left swing, quickly bend the right arm so that the opponent punches the bent right forearm, and then return the blow with the left hook punch to the opponent’s chin.