kung fu moves · 06/05/2023

Boxing return method bent right arm blocking

Bend your right arm to block. Return the blow to the opponent’s abdomen with a left-hook punch (Fig. 69)

Boxing return method bent right arm blocking-illustration-
When the opponent punches my upper body with a left swing. I bent my right elbow and brought my right fist close to the right side of my upper body while turning my body slightly to the left. Move your weight to your left foot, tuck your abdomen slightly and hold your chest, and hit your head with your left straight fist or hit your abdomen with your left upper hook.

Note: The two-person offensive and defensive action practice is gradually accelerated from slow, do not use force when fighting back, and require action coordination.

Swipe backwards and hit your opponent in the head with a straight left punch and a swing punch on the right (Figure 70)

Boxing return method bent right arm blocking-illustration-1
When my opponent punched me in the abdomen with a left swing, I dodged the incoming punch with a sharp step back. The pace of rapid regression should be small and fast, with a slight foot and abdomen, and the upper body should not be leaned back. Use the sprint step to fight back with a right straight punch, a right swing punch, or a left-handed random punch at the same time.

Note: (1) Rapid regression and sprint step retreat should be rapid and decisive, and sudden action is the key to successful counterattack.

(2) When retreating sharply, both hands should be raised to protect the head to prevent the opponent from attacking with the other hand.

Left arm bracket strikes back in the abdomen or head with a right-hand hook (Figure 71)

Boxing return method bent right arm blocking-illustration-2
When my opponent strikes me in the head with a right swing punch. I quickly raised my left arm to block the punch forward and upward, while lifting my left shoulder slightly to protect my chin, and turning my body slightly to the right, shifting my weight to my right foot, and immediately after parrying, I turned my body to the left, while hitting my opponent’s chin or abdomen with a right upper hook.

Note: (1) When blocking, suddenly force, the forearm can be above the head, do not raise too high. (2) Movements should be accurate, rapid and coordinated.