kung fu moves · 06/05/2023

Boxing footwork before sliding step and back sliding step

Boxing basic footwork before sliding step (Figure 9)

Boxing footwork before sliding step and back sliding step-illustration-
Role: The forward sliding step is a footwork used to advance and strike with various punches, or as a footwork to find the right distance from the opponent to put oneself in a favorable position in cultivation.

Movement: Starting from the basic posture, slide the left foot forward one step first, and the right foot will follow, and the feet will still maintain the original position and distance.

Essentials: When starting forward, raise your left foot slightly, press your right foot back at the same time, and move forward at the same time with both feet at the same distance. At this time, the upper body maintains its original posture, and the projection of the body’s center of gravity always falls between the feet.

Note: (1) Glide forward with the ground, do not jump or jump. (2) After sliding steps, maintain the original posture and the original distance, and the feet should not be together.

Boxing basic footwork followed by sliding steps (Figure 10)

Role: Backward sliding step is the footwork of regression defense and backward counterattack.

Movement: Start with the basic position, slide the right foot back and take a step back, the left foot will follow, and the feet will maintain the original basic posture and distance.

Essentials: When sliding back, lift your right foot slightly, and press your left foot forward with a short spring. The step length of the back slide step is the same as the front slide.

Basic Boxing Footwork Left Sliding Step (Fig. 11)

Boxing footwork before sliding step and back sliding step-illustration-1
What it does: This is a footwork that combines moving to the left.

Action; The ball of the left foot glides sideways to the left, and the right foot slides sideways to keep up.

Essentials: At the beginning of the movement, lift the left foot slightly, and press the ground to the right with the elasticity of the right foot, pushing the body to move to the left. When sliding, wipe the floor, do not jump.

Boxing Basic Footwork Right Slide Step (Fig. 12)

Function: Cooperate with the footwork flashing to the right.

Movement: Start with the basic posture, first lift the right foot slightly, and at the same time use the elasticity of the left foot to the left to push the right foot to slide to the right step.

Essentials: Same as left slide, opposite direction. When sliding left and right, in order to keep the center of gravity of the body stable after moving, you should pay attention to landing first with the outer edge of the sole of the foot when sliding the foot to the ground, so as to avoid the body moving too much and losing balance.