kung fu moves · 06/05/2023

Boxing defensive technical action dodge illustration

Boxing dodge defense is the use of body dodging to get the head off the batting route. In real combat, dodging is considered the most practical method of defense, as defenders have two free hands to counterattack.

Dodge techniques require accurate time judgment. If the athlete masters good dodging skills, it will make the opponent’s incoming punches constantly miss and hit the air, causing them to lose their balance, and they can take the opportunity to hit the part of the base scale. While dodging, you can fire a punch.

Dodge is designed to defend opponents from hitting the head, dodge to the side for straight defenses, and move backwards for swinging punches and upper praises.

(1) Flash the left straight fist to the right (Figure 44)

Boxing defensive technical action dodge illustration-illustration-
Action: A hits B in the face with a straight left fist, B quickly dodges the head and upper body to the right, and the center of gravity of the body shifts slightly to the right, causing A’s straight fist to slide over B’s left shoulder.

Essentials: Don’t dodge too much, be agile and short.

(2) Flash the right straight fist to the left (Figure 45)

Starting from the basic position, A punches B straight on the head with his right, and B quickly dodges to the left.

(3) Flash backwards (Figure 46)

Boxing defensive technical action dodge illustration-illustration-1
This method is mainly to defend the opponent’s straight punches and swing punches.

When A attacks B with a straight left fist, B stands still, uses the upper body to lean back, the center of gravity falls on the back foot, and then leans forward with the upper body and fights back with a straight fist or a left swing fist.

The stealth technique is a primary defensive method against swinging boxing heads. This defensive method is to quickly complete the shrinking and diving action while the center of gravity of the body is lowered. In the dive, the athlete uses his head and upper body to make a semi-circular continuous movement, slightly bending his legs while diving in the direction of the opponent’s punch, and then straightening up. In doing this movement, always keep an eye on the opponent, and the movement should be fast and powerful.

This defensive maneuver is performed by the entire body and Hattori movements, and a stable posture is maintained to facilitate the return to the combat-ready posture and return fire.

(1) Swing the left swing from left to right (Figure 47)

Boxing defensive technical action dodge illustration-illustration-2
Movement: A punches B in the face with a left swing, B quickly squats, while leaning forward with the head and upper body emblem, using waist and abdominal strength to flash the head from left to right and flash under the opponent’s left arm.

Essentials: (1) The amplitude of the evasive action should not be too large, and it should not be squatted too low.(2) When shaking, both eyes should still look at each other in order to return fire and further defend.

(2) Swing the right fist from right to left (Figure 48)

Boxing defensive technical action dodge illustration-illustration-3