kung fu moves · 06/05/2023

Boxing defensive action block defense

Boxing parrying is parrying or slapping an opponent’s punch to change direction. The grid makes it easy to fight back.

(1) Slap the left straight fist with the right hand (Fig. 41)

Boxing defensive action block defense-illustration-
Action. The two sides began with an actual combat readiness posture. A hits B in the face with a straight left fist, and B quickly opens his right fist and slaps A’s incoming fist to the left down, causing A’s straight fist to change direction and turn his upper body slightly to the left at the same time as the slap.

Essentials: The amplitude of the slap action should not be too large, the movement must be short and powerful, and the palm of the hand should be slapped on the wrist of the opponent.

(2) Right (left) forearm downward block left (right) straight boxing belly (Figure 42)

Boxing defensive action block defense-illustration-1
Movement: The two sides start with a combat preparation stance, A hits B in the abdomen with a straight left fist, and B quickly blocks A’s straight fist with his right forearm.

Essentials: Don’t block too much.

(3) Right arm block left swing fist or left arm block right swing fist (Figure 43)

Movement: Both sides start in a combat-ready stance, with A swinging his left and hitting the right side of B’s face. B quickly blocks Armor’s swing punch with his right forearm.

Essentials: When blocking, the upper and front are at an angle of about 90 degrees. At the same time, the upper body is turned slightly to the left to facilitate return fire.