kung fu moves · 06/05/2023

Boxing Counterattack Method Flashback Illustration

Flash backwards to punch or swing with your left hand or return with your right hand (Figure 72)

Boxing Counterattack Method Flashback Illustration-illustration-
When the opponent punches me in the head with a right swing. I quickly shifted my weight to my right foot, retracted my chin, tilted my upper body back, and immediately after defending, I shifted my center of gravity forward, and returned the blow with my right hand straight and swinging. In order not to get too close to your opponent, practice in combination with backward step free.

Note: (1) When returning fire, you can combine the front sliding step and the sprint step to master the correct sense of distance and hitting accuracy.

(2) The distance should not be too far when defending the back flash, and it should be appropriate, otherwise it is not conducive to returning fire.

Swing to the left to fight back with a left-swing punch (Figure 73)

Boxing Counterattack Method Flashback Illustration-illustration-1
When my opponent punches me in the head with a right swing, I bend my legs and swing to the left, causing the opponent’s right swing punch to slide past my head, and while dodging up, I return the blow with the left swing punch to the opponent’s head. The center of gravity of the body shifts from the left foot to the right foot and returns to the combat-ready posture.

Note: The action of shaking the defense to getting up and fighting back should be coherent and natural. In one breath, you can’t pause in the middle, and you must keep close to your opponent.

Bend left arm to block right upper hook boxing return blow head or abdomen (Figure 74)

Boxing Counterattack Method Flashback Illustration-illustration-2
When a opponent punches me in the abdomen with a right swing, I should drop my left arm with my elbow flexed in time, close to the left side of my body while turning my body slightly to the right to cushion the blow of my opponent’s right swing. When blocking, the center of gravity of the body shifts from the left foot to the right foot. At the same time, it contains chest and abdomen. Tighten your lower forehead and hit your opponent in the head or abdomen with your right upper hook punch.

Note: (1) Practice defensive techniques first, and then practice counterattack after defense after becoming proficient. (2) The return attack after defense should seize the opportunity, and be good at developing the habit of seizing the opportunity and not letting go of the offensive opportunity.