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Because it is the six methods of meditation

Because it is the son who sits quietly and meditates on the placement of his feet

Double cross knees:


Young people have soft muscles and bones. This method can be used, that is, put the left leg on the right thigh, make the left foot palm and the right thigh line up, and then put the right leg on the left thigh At this time, the soles of the two feet are upward and the two strands cross like a triangle, which is called “double cross knees”. Its advantage is that the two knees must be close to the cushion, and the sitting posture is natural and correct, and will not skew forward, backward, left and right.


But this kind of cross legged posture is not easy to learn. People above middle age are more difficult to learn and don’t have to force.

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Single knee plate:


When sitting, put the left leg on the right thigh and the right foot under the left thigh.


It’s much easier than crossing your knees. Its disadvantage is that the left knee can not be close to the cushion, sit for a little longer, and the body should tilt to the left As long as you feel crooked and correct it slowly, it won’t hinder you.

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Footwall method:


If the elderly can’t even do a single plate, it’s OK to plate the two lower legs downward.


However, both knees are empty, which is easier to skew, so we should pay attention to correction at any time.

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Horizontal sitting method:


There are also people with two legs who can’t even move to the footwall, so they can sit flat with their feet down.


But keep your left heel against the back of your right foot. It’s called “unity of limbs”. Or you can put the soles of your feet flat on the ground, but keep the legs at a 90 degree right angle to the soles of your feet


When learning cross legging for the first time, if you sit for a long time, you will feel numb in your feet. At this time, you can let go slowly and wait until you are not numb. Or get up and walk slowly until the second time.

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Placement of hands


Both hands should be loose without any effort. Put the back of your right hand on the palm of your left hand and gently put it on your lower legs close to your lower abdomen. However, when sitting flat, you can also put your hands on the upper parts of your thighs, palm down and naturally flat, as shown in the above figure.


Head posture


During practice, pay attention to the movements of the head and neck, face, eyes and mouth: the head and neck should be straight, the face should be facing forward, the eyes should be closed gently, the mouth should be closed, not open, and the tongue should be against the upper award.


Because it’s Zi’s posture of sitting quietly and meditating horizontally


Normal supine method:


Walking, living, sitting and lying are the four dignitaries of people’s behavior. You can use Xi Jing’s Kung Fu. Of course, it’s the most difficult to learn to be quiet while walking, and it’s not easy to live. You can’t do it unless you have deep Kung Fu. Sitting while walking is the most standard Therefore, take it as the main practice method. Although it is easy to be dizzy when lying down, it might as well be replaced by horizontal when it is inconvenient or unable to sit.


Horizontal, like people sleeping, has two types: supine and lateral. Supine position is the same as usual. However, it must be remembered that the head, shoulders and other parts are slightly padded up to the most comfortable level. The posture cushions of ears, eyes, mouth, nose and so on are the same as the above.

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Lion King sleeping method:


This method is to lie on one’s side. Although both sides can lie on one’s side, according to the author’s research, it is appropriate to lie on the right side.


Because lying on the left side, the heart is often oppressed, which is not the best The posture pads of the ears, eyes, mouth and nose lying on the right side are also the same as the above, but the head and upper body must be slightly bent forward. The upper legs should be slightly bent compared with the lower legs to achieve the most comfortable degree. The thighs above the knee are stacked on the lower legs, and the lower legs and feet below the knee are naturally placed on the handsome surface of the lower legs and feet. The lower legs naturally extend and bend slightly, and the upper hands naturally extend with the palm down, Gently put it on the joint of the ship and the lower hand. Put the palm upward and naturally extend it on the headrest, a little away from the head, depending on how you feel most comfortable.


This lying method has a name in Kung Fu, which is called “Lion King lying method”.

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