kung fu moves · 06/07/2023

basics of Muay Thai dodge and turn

The technical movements of the down-flashing method and the rotation method are shown in Figures 5-55 to 5-56.

basics of Muay Thai dodge and turn-illustration-
Muay Thai Dodge is a higher level of dodging than diving. This technique can only be successfully learned after mastering the sliding and diving methods, especially the solid mastery of the sliding and dodging methods. When applying this method. Quickly swing the upper body and head to the left and right, dodge the opponent’s blow, and after the opponent’s straight fist air strike, take the opportunity to attack. The downward flashing method can actually be said to be a technical application of the slip method.

The rotation method is to follow the opponent’s blow, and the upper body rotates the upper and lower axes as the center to dodge the opponent’s blow. Dodge the opponent’s straight punch by leaning back, dodge the opponent’s hook punch by swinging left and right, and dodge the opponent’s hook punch by taking a step back with the front foot.


The law of rotation can combine the characteristics of the above defensive methods for comprehensive defense. To learn this method, you should first master the sliding method and the dive method. For example, tie the ends of a thin rope in space, slightly above the top of the head, practice sliding and dodging under the rope, and after mastering certain technical essentials, let the training partner specialize in a certain blow to practice the rotation method.