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Basic Skills of Chinese Wrestling Equipment-Throw

The thrower evolved from the stone lock. There were thirteen levels of incense in the inner court of the Qing Dynasty, including the Stone Lock Old Society, also known as the Flower Brick Old Association. In order to facilitate the performance, the stone lock was transformed,

Creates a flat type and widens the handle distance for easy grip.

The throwing can be practiced by one person alone, or by two people in pairs and in large groups. Pay attention to the literary throw, martial bag. Throwing is a good practice for Beijing wrestlers to practice their hands, eyes, body and footwork. piece

People can throw lotus leaves, millstones, waist strings, arm strings, back arrows, crotches to deceive horses and other different tricks, two people can throw in pairs, multiple people can pass, or one person in the middle and each person throws

Several, called with pots. Throwing is a basic wrestling skill and a good event for fitness and entertainment. Throwing should pay attention to stability, more, and accuracy, and the throwing should be stable to ensure the other party

Good to catch, more than who throws, and can accurately reach the opponent’s best position, so that the other party can reach out. Throwing has formed a unique exercise, which is summarized below.

The thrower is made of iron, stone, alloy aluminum, ancient lock-like equipment (Figure 416).

Basic Skills of Chinese Wrestling Equipment-Throw-illustration-

1. Grinding disc

Hold the handle in your right hand with your legs slightly bent (Figure 417).

After the throw, try to make it as parallel to the ground as possible (Figure 418).

Throw the throws parallel to the upper right (Figure 419).

The thrower is smooth and unshaken, and is received by the left hand (Figure 420).

Basic Skills of Chinese Wrestling Equipment-Throw-illustration-1

2. Instant turn

Spread both legs slightly and throw the thrower in your right hand (Figure 421).

Before the thrower is shot, run upright in small faces up and down (Fig. 422).

The right hand throws the thrower out and runs the face (Figure 423).

The right hand catches the handle of the thrower (Figure 424).

Basic Skills of Chinese Wrestling Equipment-Throw-illustration-2

3. Pick lotus leaves

With both legs slightly flexed, the handle is held in the left hand with the bottom facing diagonally upwards (Figure 425).

The hand is combined inwardly to make the upper front corner run inward, forming a four-corner rotation, resembling a wind swing lotus leaf (Fig. 426).

Grab the handle of the thrower with your left hand and throw it again (Figure 427).

Basic Skills of Chinese Wrestling Equipment-Throw-illustration-3

4. Break lotus leaves

The legs are opened into a right frame, the right hand is flat-ended throw, the front thrower is high and the back is low, and the upper corner of the front thrower is closed inward after the shot, and the four corners are rotated in opposite (Fig. 428).

The throwers operate together in front of the body (Figure 429).

Grab the handle of the thrower with your left hand and throw it back inward (Figure 430).

Basic Skills of Chinese Wrestling Equipment-Throw-illustration-4