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Basic Skills of Chinese Wrestling Equipment – Stick

Editor-in-chief: Li Baoru

The basic skills of equipment are the use of different equipment training to improve the skills and special quality of Chinese wrestling and improve the technical level. There are more than 30 basic skills of equipment, there are many exercises, and the practice methods are complex, this section only introduces the equipment exercises that are often practiced, and each instrument exercise only explains the regular exercises.

The basic skills of Chinese wrestling should be practiced continuously when training. This book is only about the essentials.

The stick is a practice of small sticks. A small hole is drilled in the middle of the small stick, and a thin rope is worn inside, and the weight can be suitable for different people, generally 3-5 kg. The stick is thicker than usual, so it is advisable to hold it with two fingers wide between the thumb and middle finger.

The one-handed practice is called the stick, and the two-hand training is called the rod, mainly practicing finger strength and arm strength, one or both hands will repeatedly twist the hammer from bottom to top from top to bottom, shoulder arm finger wrist sore for up, long-term practice in actual combat does not swell.

Essentials: When training, the horse steps half squat, looks ahead, stretches the arms forward, clasps the hands, twists up and down, twists the head of the sound rod without shaking, twists repeatedly, and gradually increases the weight and the number of up and down.

1. Bang Luo stick

The legs are spread out in a horse stride, the hands are holding the rod, the bottom is hanging down and the arms are straight (Fig. 187).

Turn the stick upwards with both hands to the bottom of the tentacle and then down (Figure 188).

Basic Skills of Chinese Wrestling Equipment – Stick-illustration-

2. Cane

The stick is to use one arm to repeatedly roll the bottom block upwards, mainly to train shoulder arm strength and wrist strength, the bottom of the stick is heavier than the two-hand rod. The legs are spread out in a horse stride, with the left hand holding the rod in front of the body and the right hand behind the body (Fig. 189).

The left forearm is closed inward (Figure 190).

Turn the wrist with your left arm, turn the stick from bottom to top, and repeat the exercise (Figure 191).

The left arm is turned outward, and the bottom block is repeated from top to bottom (Figure 192).

Basic Skills of Chinese Wrestling Equipment – Stick-illustration-1