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basic skill of Chinese wrestling equipment-Pull bow

Drawing a hard bow is the essence of China’s martial arts culture, which has existed since ancient times, and was a test project for obtaining martial arts in the Tang and Song dynasties. During the Qing Dynasty, wrestlers practiced bows, knives, and stones to increase their strength. In the early years of the Republic of China, wrestlers brought it to the society, performed inside and outside the capital, north and south, and passed down to this day.

Bows include hard bows, crossbows, arrow bows, bullet bows, sub-mother bows, etc., each type of bow has different pulling forces, divided into several fights. It is old to call nine pounds and twelve taels (about 10 pounds) for one strength, and eight or more for hard bows, which are used to practice support and pulling power.


Pulling the bow pays attention to supporting, pulling, crutching, grinding, supporting, coulding, holding, closing, pulling the front handle and pulling the back handle, you can open one bow to five bows (Fig. 644), and make various shapes, such as servant steps (Fig. 645, Fig. 646), lunges, recumbent steps, plate legs, suspension forks and other difficult movements.

To draw a hard bow, you should have a good quality foundation, and you should hang your shoulders and pull your shoulders before the exercise to prevent injury.

basic skill of Chinese wrestling equipment-Pull bow-illustration-

basic skill of Chinese wrestling equipment-Pull bow-illustration-1