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Basic footwork of Shaolin Qi Mei staff

“Boxing is the source of all skills”, and the boxing proverb “three fist, seven steps” and “follow the steps and move forward”. The steps and footwork of Shaolin stick are basically the same as those of boxing.


The basic footwork is to adjust the distance with the opponent according to the needs of attack and defense, so as to implement the action posture of attack and defense. Footwork is the basis of the application of stick technique. Its application should highlight the characteristics of rationality, flexibility, rapidity and changeability, and should be closely coordinated with the offensive and defensive movements. The basic footwork of Shaolin staff is bow step Horse step, servant step, empty step and rest step.


bow step


Step type: two legs one in front and one behind, the front legs bend their knees and squat, and the rear legs pedal straight, so that the two feet are in the same straight line. Buckle your toes inside and touch the ground with your whole soles. Straighten the upper body, straighten the left arm forward, and push the palm of the left hand forward to the left so that the fingertips are upward; Look at the front left. The left foot in front is called the left lunge, and the right foot in front is called the right lunge.


In stick art, it is mostly used to attack the enemy, such as lunge stabbing stick, lunge splitting stick, or blocking the opponent’s moves, such as lunge frame stick, lunge grid stick, etc.


Practice method: after the two legs form a lunge, take the two feet as the axis, and turn the body 180 ° continuously to the left and right, one left lunge and one right lunge, and practice repeatedly. You can also add the action of the arm, change the hands of the two fists before turning, and draw an arc outward and inward respectively.

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Horse step


Step type: open the two feet, the spacing is equivalent to three times the length of the feet, and the tips of the two feet are slightly abducted; Bend your knees and squat, parallel your thighs, touch the ground with your whole soles, and keep your weight between your legs. Be careful not to stand on tiptoe. Keep your chest straight, bend your elbows, put your hands in front of your chest, and look straight ahead.


The horse step in stick technique is mainly used for setting up sticks, crossing sticks and merciful splitting sticks. It is mainly used to prevent the enemy from touching sticks, poking sticks and merciful poking sticks.


Practice method: to practice horse steps well, you must first practice its posture. On the premise of correct posture, practice squatting repeatedly to make squatting alternate with upright. After mastering the correct horse stance, do the additional move drill.


Essentials: keep your chest straight and your waist flat, and push your heels out.

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Step type: open two feet and one step outward. Bend one leg to squat fully, so that the thighs are close to the lower legs, the hips are close to the lower legs, and the whole soles of the feet touch the ground; The other leg is straight and flat, the toes buckle inside, and the whole soles of the feet touch the ground. The left leg is the left footstep, and the right leg is the right footstep.


In the stick technique, such as the servant step splitting stick, the servant step blocking stick, the servant step cloud stick, etc., it is mainly used for sweeping with a low potential stick and splitting the lower part of the other party.


Practice method: beginners should first practice squatting and servant legs, and then squat down after standing up. Practice repeatedly until the squatting legs can squat freely and the servant flat legs can squat freely, and then practice chest straightening and waist collapse.

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Rest step


Step type: cross your legs, bend your knees and squat fully, touch the ground with the full soles of your front feet and abduct your toes; The back foot touches the ground on the front foot, and the knee is close to the outside of the front foot. Sit on your hips with your hind legs close to your heels, straighten your left arm forward, push your palm, and look straight ahead.


In stick technique, such as resting step, setting stick, splitting stick, touching stick, resting step and stabbing stick horizontally, all take resting step and hit each other with a stick at a low potential.


Practice method: whether the rest step is practiced accurately is the yardstick to test a martial artist’s footwall Kung Fu. The novice can face the object first, hold the object by hand, and practice squatting legs, chest straightening and other actions.

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Virtual step


Step type: open both feet before and after, that is, one foot in front and one foot in back. Abduction of hind foot 15., Bend your knees and squat; The heel of the forefoot is cocked up, the surface of the foot is stretched flat, and the toes are buckled inside, so that the toes are empty on the ground and the knees are slightly bent. The weight of the whole body falls on the hind legs. Look straight ahead. The right foot in front is the right virtual step, and the left foot in front is the left virtual step.


In stick technique, such as virtual step lifting stick, virtual step frame stick, virtual step support stick, etc., are all virtual steps. Empty step is a temporary transitional step. When attacking, it is appropriate to explore the enemy’s situation, take advantage of the opportunity to step on, and when defending, it is convenient to retreat. This step has very important tactical significance.


Practice method: the key point of practicing virtual step is to practice the duration of micro squat when bending the back legs. Practice repeatedly on the premise of correct steps


Bend and squat the hind legs from half a minute to 1 minute.


Main point: distinguish between deficiency and reality, focus on the hind legs and look straight at the eyes.

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