kung fu power · 06/02/2023

An action before bedtime to detox and help sleep

According to relevant studies, sleep affects the length of life. A normal person’s daily sleep time should be kept at 6~8 hours, sleep less than 4 hours or more than 8.5 hours of people are more likely to cause death, some of them are people with sleep disorders, and most of them are over 65 years old.

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So how can people with sleep disorders improve their sleep quality? It’s actually very simple. You might as well exercise before going to bed and do the following small actions more, which can detoxify and help sleep, as well as prolong your life. Let’s take a look together!

1.Hair combing+massage

Whole body meridian dredging and meridian activating

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the head is the “smart mansion” of the body, with abundant acupoints. If properly stimulated in daily life, it can also promote brain activity and regulate the body’s meridians. For friends with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, frequent use can calm the liver and calm the wind, promote blood circulation, and assist in the treatment of the disease



Prepare a wooden comb or stone needle comb (without static electricity) and comb it back from the hairline to the neck. When combing, remember the weight and speed, and slowly comb down for about 10 minutes at a time, covering each position.

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(combing method)



Step 1: Open your fingers and place them on top of your head, gently tap your head back and forth in different positions. If you feel pain, you can do it multiple times, once every ten minutes.

Step 2: Extend your left or right hand, with your middle finger aligned in front of your forehead (at the meridian of the governor), and the remaining four fingers aligned at the meridian of the bladder and gallbladder (as shown in the figure below). Massage your left and right hands alternately for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Press the thumb and index finger of both left and right hands on the ear, and press the tissue near the ear wheel foot.

Step 4: Open the palms of both hands with ten fingers towards the back of the head, gently massage the nearby acupoints and the acupoints behind the ears with both fingers from the outside to the inside, and repeat for 5 minutes.

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(Head Massage)

Foot bath + massage
Suitable for various sleep symptoms

Soaking feet in hot water can promote blood circulation, facilitate blood return, and strengthen human metabolism.


Step 1: 45~50 degrees hot water is the best, warm but not hot, put your feet into the water, soak for 10~20 minutes, soak your feet can rub each other, but remember to remember that you can not soak your feet after meals, otherwise it will cause stomach effects.

Step 2: After soaking the feet can not sleep immediately, you can properly rub the following 4 acupuncture points, Yongquan Acupoint gently for about 3 minutes, Taixi Acupoint with thumb press for three minutes, three Yin Junction Acupoint hands squeezed painfully, 3 minutes can be, Tai Chong Acupoint can be three minutes.

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(Foot Acupressure)

Push the abdomen + knock the bile meridian
Suitable for detoxification, spleen and heart


The first step: the body is relaxed and lying down best, with the palm or fist can be pushed, push down to the navel, do not push back and forth, only one direction once, if you feel a foreign body feeling in the push can push several times, it is recommended to push about 15 times, push to help the elimination of toxins in the body, relieve the liver and qi, strengthen the spleen and nourish the heart, and have an obvious auxiliary effect on the treatment of diseases.

Step 2: Take a break, you can start knocking the bile meridian, (the location of the bile meridian is shown below) but it is best not to knock after 11 pm, it is easy to cause the liver to be on fire, and it will be better to find the acupuncture points when knocking.

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4. Drink water + stretch
Regulates blood and promotes the balance of internal organs


Step 1: Stretching is the easiest way to relax, and the folk have more: “Always stretch lazy waist, exhaust and nourish the blood.” However, stretching the waist should also pay attention to a few points, stretch the body as much as possible when stretching the waist, stretch the muscles of the whole body, inhale more, exhale evenly, so that the effect will be better.

Step 2: A glass of water before going to bed can reduce blood pressure concentration and prevent the formation of blood clots, but remember to drink reasonably, not too much, use our commonly used small cup. Or put a cup on the bedside and take a sip when you wake up at night.

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