kung fu moves · 06/09/2023

8 Grappling and combat moves

In the following icons, the one who wears the black belt is us, and the person who wears the white belt is the enemy.

First, the lock arm is broken and wrapped around the wrist

The enemy used wrist wrapping to capture our right wrist (Figure 1-1). We immediately raise the right elbow of the entangled hand to relieve the pain when being entangled, and then meet the enemy’s face with the tip of the elbow; Whether hit or not, the enemy will dodge back, and we will immediately press the enemy’s left arm with our right elbow down, while using our left hand to support their right elbow (Fig. 1-2). Immediately after our right hand, pull the enemy’s right wrist and send it into the inner bend of our left arm (Figure 1-3). Moving upward, our left palm presses down on the enemy’s shoulder joint, lifts up the forearm, throws his body forward, and captures the enemy (Figures 1-4).

8 Grappling and combat moves-illustration-

Second, roll the wrist and break the wrist

The enemy wrapped his right wrist around us (Figure 2-1). We first raise our elbow to hit the enemy’s side, while placing our right foot on the enemy’s side (Figure 2-2). The four fingers of our left hand clasped the small fish on the side of the right thumb, the thumb was pushed against the back of the enemy’s hand, and the right forearm cooperated to roll his right hand, while twisting his waist to the left and turning his body, forcing his wrist and elbow joints to overturn sideways beyond the physiological limit (Figure 2-3).

8 Grappling and combat moves-illustration-1

Third, the reverse elbow breaks the tiger’s head

The enemy grabbed our right wrist with the tiger’s head, and when we were about to hold it, grabbed his left hand with his left hand facing up and pulled it back (Figure 3-1). At this time, our captured right wrist rotates forward and left externally at the same time using the principle of rolling, and once it is freed, we must grasp the large fish in its left palm, roll its wrist together with the left hand, and use the elbow joint to push the back elbow forward, so that the enemy’s elbow joint exceeds the physiological limit and is captured (Figure 3-2).

8 Grappling and combat moves-illustration-2

Fourth, reverse elbow break the lock arm

Don’t lock my arm (Figure 4-1). We can first send our shoulders forward to create a certain gap, and rotate outward with our forearms to avoid the enemy’s best focus point; Once this is done, bend your elbow and pinch the enemy’s arm, press our right fist with your left hand, and clamp the enemy’s elbow firmly with both hands (Figure 4-2). Immediately afterwards, our body is vigorously propped upwards and we can fall backwards in the direction of the enemy (Figure 4-3).

8 Grappling and combat moves-illustration-3

Fifth, the wrench breaks the wrist

The enemy curled his wrist and grabbed our left hand (Figure 5-1). We can turn our body to the left, rotate our forearm inward to increase the range of motion, and clamp the enemy’s neck with our right arm at the same time (Figure 5-2). Immediately afterwards, our right hand clasped his left cheek and violently twisted his head to his right elbow, and captured the enemy (Figure 5-3).

8 Grappling and combat moves-illustration-4

6. Pout your fingers and break the wrist

The enemy curls our left wrist, and we can clasp the little finger of our left hand with our right hand while not being killed (Figure 6-1). We put our thumb against his arm, around our head, and pinch his little finger in the opposite direction to release his wrist (Figure 6-2). Immediately afterwards, we can continue to pout our fingers and lean forward to make the enemy lounce (Figure 6-3).

8 Grappling and combat moves-illustration-5

7. Pout your wrists and break your wrists

The enemy caught us with a wrist wrapping technique (Figure 7-1). We can grasp it with our left hand and pat the back of our hand while it is on the elbow (Figure 7-2). The pressed right hand simultaneously rotates out and grasps the palm side of his left hand, and both hands work together to pout his left wrist to catch the enemy (Figure 7-3).

8 Grappling and combat moves-illustration-6

8. Pull your fingers and reverse elbows

We grasp the enemy’s back shoulder with our right hand (Figure 8-1). The enemy grabbed my elbow and wrist by grabbing my shoulder after breaking (Figure 8-2). Taking advantage of the enemy’s vertical elbow press, our side quickly pulled his wrist back with his left hand (Fig. 8-3), and the right hand simultaneously rotated the wrist out of his clapping hand; Then bend the elbow on the back of his right wrist, move the wrist down, free his left hand to clasp his little finger and move back, and catch the enemy (Fig. 8-4).

8 Grappling and combat moves-illustration-7