kung fu moves · 06/14/2023

6 street unlimited fighting moves

6 street unlimited fighting moves-illustration-
Street fighting is completely different from the rules of the ring. Arena competition is about ornamentation and needs to protect the fighters. Street fights are unlimited, and the longer you entangle with gangsters, the greater your danger. Therefore, street fights must be resolved quickly.

“Kung Fu Martial Arts Cool” has compiled 6 sets of actual combat moves for street fighting. These moves are forbidden in the ring, but in street fights, you can quickly subdue your opponents and destroy their destructive abilities. Now share with everyone.

Trick 1: Choking the throat and kicking the + hitting the chest and abdomen with the knee + smashing the back of the head + stepping on the neck

1. The enemy grabbed our chest with his left hand and raised his right hand high, trying to attack us with a fist (Figure 1);

2. Our side immediately seals the enemy’s right hand with our left hand, locks the enemy’s throat with our right hand, and at the same time kicks the enemy’s lower vulva with its right leg (Figure 2);

3. When our side takes advantage of the pain of the enemy’s lower vagina to bend over, our hands quickly clamp the back of the enemy’s neck and press down vigorously, and at the same time use our left knee to violently and continuously hit the enemy’s front or chest or abdomen (Figure 3);

4. When the enemy is exhausted, our side slams the back of the enemy’s head with our left elbow to knock the enemy down (Figure 4);

5. In the event of a stubborn enemy, our side may step on the neck of the enemy with another foot, making it completely incapacitated (Figure 5).

6 street unlimited fighting moves-illustration-1
Trick 2: Palm split arm + swing boxing head + neck collide + palm cut back neck

1. The enemy pushed and shoved my chest with his left hand to commit further aggression (Figure 6);

2. We immediately dodge to the right to dodge, and at the same time slash the enemy’s left arm with our right palm (Fig. 7);

3. Without stopping, our side quickly punches the enemy’s head with a left swing (Figure 8);

4. Immediately following the above style, we put our left arm around the enemy’s neck, and at the same time hit the enemy’s lower vulva with our left knee (Figure 9);

5. Without stopping, our side continues to pursue, slashing the back of the enemy’s neck with the left palm downwards, completely defeating the enemy (Figure 10).

6 street unlimited fighting moves-illustration-2
Trick 3: Slap and kick Yin + Slap ears with both palms + Elbow hit the heart socket

1. The enemy punches me in the head with his left fist (Figure 11);

2. Our side immediately defuses the opponent’s lower slap with the right hand to defuse, and at the same time kicks the enemy’s lower genitals with the right leg (Fig. 12);

3. While the enemy’s lower vulvature is hit and bending forward, leaning forward and bowing his head, our palms form a cup shape and vigorously slap the enemy’s ears (Fig. 13);

4. Without stopping, our side quickly hit the enemy’s heart socket with our right elbow (Figure 14);

5. The enemy fell to the ground after being severely damaged (Figure 15).

Trick 4: Boxing face door + knee hitting chest and abdomen + twisting head trip + stepping on chest ribs

1. When the enemy comes forward to invade, our side preemptively protects our center line with our left hand, and at the same time punches the enemy’s door with its right hand (Figure 16);

2. Without stopping, our side quickly wrapped our hands around the enemy’s neck and hit the enemy’s chest and abdomen continuously and violently with our left knee (Fig. 17);

3. While the enemy is hit and bows his head, our side tripped the enemy’s right leg with its left leg, while grabbing the enemy’s hair with our right hand and supporting the enemy’s jaw with our left hand, then turning right and driving the enemy to fall down (Figure 18);

4. After the enemy fell to the ground, our side immediately slammed down on the enemy’s chest with our left foot, inflicting heavy damage on the enemy (Fig. 19).

Trick 5: Piercing kick Yin + Kick the egg to hit the chest + Kick the chest and abdomen sideways

1. The enemy strikes our abdomen with a straight right step on the left step (Fig. 20);

2. Our side quickly slaps the enemy’s right fist downward with our left hand, while stabbing the enemy in the eye with our right palm and kicking the enemy’s vulva with our right leg (Fig. 21);

3. Immediately after the upward movement, our right foot falls forward and approaches, grabs the enemy’s egg with the right hand, and at the same time slams the enemy’s chest forward with the right shoulder (Fig. 22);

4. The enemy retreats in the direction, and our side immediately kicks and kicks the enemy in the chest and abdomen with the right side (Figure 23);

5. The enemy is kicked down by our side (Figure 24).

Trick 6: Spit and lose your eyes + bounce and kick the lower yin + punch the back of the head

1. The enemy is pointing at us and wants to step forward to invade (Figure 25);

2. Our side suddenly protrudes saliva into the enemy’s side to confuse the enemy’s eyes (Figure 26);

3. While the enemy is confused, our side quickly attacks its lower plate and kicks the enemy’s lower yin with its left leg (Fig. 27);

4. While the enemy is hit by the yin and bends forward, leans forward and bows his head, our side immediately smashes the back of the enemy’s head with our right fist from top to bottom (Figure 28);

5. The enemy is smashed and falls forward (Figure 29).

6 street unlimited fighting moves-illustration-3