kung fu moves · 05/28/2023

6 reserve potentials for sanda

I. Sanda Posture (Reserve Pose)

Action description: Stand with both feet open (the front frame is the left foot in front, the reverse frame is the right foot in front, which can be selected according to personal habits). Hold fists with both hands, left front and right back, left arm bent, elbow angle at 90 degrees, left fist at the same height as nose; The right arm is bent, the elbow joint angle is less than 90 degrees, the upper and forearms are close to the right rib, the body is standing on the side, the lower jaw is slightly retracted, the mouth is closed, and the face and left shoulder and left fist are facing the opponent.

6 reserve potentials for sanda-illustration-

Sanda Style (Front) Left Style


6 reserve potentials for sanda-illustration-1

Sanda Style (Front) Right Style


6 reserve potentials for sanda-illustration-2

Sanda Style (Side Style)


6 reserve potentials for sanda-illustration-3

Sanda Style (Back)


6 reserve potentials for sanda-illustration-4

Sanda Style (Close Up)


Key points: The actual combat posture is the preparatory posture during actual combat, therefore, it requires flexible attack, tight defense, and convenient movement. The posture should not be too low, and the center of gravity should be controlled between the legs; Protect the body tightly with both hands, and minimize the effective area exposed to the opponent’s blow.