News · 06/09/2023

6 hand-to-hand combat leg techniques

In close-fitting scuffles, even if the hands are controlled, the movement of the legs is still free, so seeing the opportunity to use the close-fitting dark legs to fight back will often receive good results.

Kung Fu Wushu Ku has compiled a set of fighting techniques that are close to the dark legs and shared them with everyone.

1. Kneel to the popliteal fossa

Our right arm was grabbed by the enemy and twisted backwards, while the enemy’s left foot was inserted in front of our right leg to wrestle us to the ground (Figure 1-1). At this time, our side twisted and pressed down on our right arm, and with our right knee forward, we knelt hard against the enemy’s left popliteal fossa, forcing the enemy to kneel and let go, thereby liberating (Figure 1-2).

6 hand-to-hand combat leg techniques-illustration-

Second, the back kick provokes the yin

Our right arm was grabbed by the enemy and twisted backwards (Figure 2-1). Immediately after the upward movement, at this time our right foot is in front of the enemy’s feet, our side quickly uses the right heel to slam back and up to the enemy’s vulva point, and free the enemy after heavy damage.

6 hand-to-hand combat leg techniques-illustration-1

3. Raise your knees and bang your head

The enemy choked our throats with both hands (Figure 3-1). Our hands immediately come out from between the enemy’s arms from the bottom up, and push the enemy’s hands apart with the force of the upward thrust of both arms (Figure 3-2). Constantly moving upwards, our hands wrapped around the back of the enemy’s neck and pressed down hard, forcing the enemy to bend forward and bow his head, taking advantage of this opportunity to jerk our right knee to hit the enemy’s face, severely damaging the enemy (Figure 3-3).

6 hand-to-hand combat leg techniques-illustration-2

Fourth, pull the arm back sweep

The enemy locked our neck with his right arm from behind his back (Figure 4-1). Without waiting for the enemy’s right arm to lock tightly, we immediately grabbed the enemy’s right forearm with both hands and pulled it down violently to prevent the enemy’s right arm from compressing our neck artery and fainting due to lack of oxygen to the brain; At the same time, our right foot is slightly taken half a step back, and the body is slightly squatted (Figure 4-2). Constantly moving upward, we grab the enemy’s right forearm with both hands and pull it to the left, while the right foot extends the knee straight leg and sweeps the outside of the enemy’s right knee joint backwards, causing it to shift and lose its balance and fall out of our right side (Fig. 4-3).

6 hand-to-hand combat leg techniques-illustration-3

5. Raise your legs and step on your knees

The enemy clamped our neck with his right arm from our left side, causing us to suffocate and faint (Figure 5-1). We immediately grab the enemy’s right wrist with our right hand and pull down forcefully to relieve the pressure on our neck artery by the enemy’s right arm; At the same time, lift the right leg and step on the posterolateral side or knee socket of the enemy’s right knee with the sole of the foot, forcing the enemy to kneel and let go (Figure 5-2).

6 hand-to-hand combat leg techniques-illustration-4

6. Buckle the leg and sweep back

The enemy wrapped his hands around our necks; I immediately raised my hands up and grabbed the elbows of the enemy’s hands and forcefully broke them outward and downward to relieve the threat of the enemy’s hands clamping my neck (Figure 6-1). Constantly moving upward, our right foot takes a step behind the enemy’s right foot to clasp the enemy’s right foot (Figure 6-2). Immediately afterwards, we turned hard to the left and pushed the enemy’s body forward with our right shoulder, while the right leg stretched out and kicked straight backwards to sweep the enemy’s right foot, causing the enemy’s body to lose balance and fall backwards (Figure 6-3).

6 hand-to-hand combat leg techniques-illustration-5