kung fu moves · 06/16/2023

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights

Emei, Shaolin and Wudang are known as the three major schools of traditional Chinese martial arts.

Emei Fist was originally a self-defense technique for monk women. Emei Fist was created by Daogu, at the beginning it was called Jade Girl Boxing Method, and later because Daogu who was the founder (ancestor) of the fist entered the Buddhist gate, it was named after the double meaning of the title of Daogu “Moth Mei” and the Buddhist holy place “Emei Mountain”.

Emei boxing is a boxing method that uses both weak and strong, true and false, and integrates the strengths of Nanquan, Shaolin, Wudang and other families in the position of a woman, and is a very strong boxing method.

From a woman’s point of view, the creation of Emei Quan has followed the principle of defeating the strong with weakness, and using both true and false. Because women are weak by nature and face strong male warriors, many moves in this boxing method are killers when they are shot.

A manuscript of the fist was recently discovered, specializing in head and neck grappling. These moves are still used by many armies now, because the battlefield is your death and my life. As an ordinary person in real life to defend himself, in a critical moment can definitely defeat the weak and strong, but still need to be used carefully!

First, the tiger climbs the wall (lifting the head)

1. With our palms facing down, quickly push and rub the enemy’s front, cut in from the enemy’s law, tightly grasp the enemy’s hair with five fingers and pull down violently, forcing the enemy’s head and upper body to lean forward;

2. At the same time, our side slammed the enemy’s front and abdomen with our knees upwards.

In this move, the grab is pulled down with the knee up, and it should be synchronized and coordinated.

This move can break the enemy’s facial cartilage, and can also cause the enemy’s brain to concussion, spasm and bleed the internal organs of the abdomen, and hang up in severe cases. So use with caution!

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-
2. Black Eagle Lock (Two Finger Lock Throat)

1. In close combat between our side and the enemy, our side plunges into the enemy’s throat with a figure-eight palm and uses the thumb and index finger to quickly pinch both sides of the enemy’s Adam’s apple, and the common carotid artery blood vessels (human Ying acupoint);

2. At the same time, we hold the remaining three fingers (middle finger, ring finger, and little finger) of the flexed curl, and push the enemy’s Adam’s apple hard with the second knuckle of the middle finger, causing the brain to faint due to insufficient blood supply.

This move needs to be pinched and combined to be effective. This move is derived from the Western Han Dynasty Pulse Pressing Technique, which is a killing move in grappling techniques, and it is still retained in the battlefield fighting techniques of modern armies.

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-1
Third, gold wire lock throat (scratch hair strangle)

1. Our side attacks the enemy from behind, grabs the enemy’s hair with his left hand and pulls it down and backwards, forcing the enemy’s head to lean back extremely and expose his throat in front of it;

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-2

2. Our side immediately clamped the enemy’s neck with our right arm in the shape of pincers, and forcefully strangled to lock the enemy’s Adam’s apple.

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-3
The target of this move is the enemy’s common carotid artery and throat, and it is by compressing the enemy’s common carotid artery and airway to make the brain insufficient blood and oxygen supply, causing the enemy to faint.

This move is an important capture move in the army’s fighting techniques, and kicking legs and locking throats in the PLA’s capture punch is this move.

4. Golden hook fishing (shut up and pull mouth)

1. Our side quietly clings to the enemy from behind the enemy, suddenly steps up and approaches, and covers the enemy’s mouth and nose with his right palm, making it difficult for the enemy to breathe and lack oxygen;

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-4

2. Because the enemy’s mouth and nose are covered, he will struggle hard; When our side grasped the enemy’s struggle and opened its mouth, we used the middle finger of our right hand to reach into the enemy’s mouth, and violently tore the enemy’s right lip to the right, tearing it apart.

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-5
When using this move, pay attention to the entrance of our middle finger and not into the tooth, so as not to be injured by the enemy’s teeth. This trick is to cover and shut up and hold the breath as a lure, and take the opportunity to perform the technique of tearing the enemy’s lips.

5. Guqin solo tune (neck picking)

1. When the enemy or friend are in close combat, our right palm is facing down, and the right side of the enemy’s neck is slashed with the little finger of the palm, causing the neck to be injured;

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-6
2. The upward movement does not stop, our side uses our right hand to recoil the back of the enemy’s neck and pull it forward and down, so that the enemy’s upper body leans forward, and at the same time we raise our right knee and violently hit the enemy’s abdomen;

Fall forward while thrusting his right knee against his abdomen.

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-7
3. Taking advantage of the moment when the enemy’s abdomen was hit and the pain was tightening the abdomen and pouting the buttocks, we tightly locked the enemy’s neck with our right arm, and at the same time we clenched our right hand into a fist and used the thumb of our right fist to forcefully pick up the enemy’s throat, so that the enemy’s common carotid artery and airway were compressed and the blood and oxygen supply to the brain was insufficient, causing the enemy to faint.

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-8
When this move is implemented, the neck and abdomen are the basis for completing this move. This technique is used by Sun Lanting, a famous artist behind Hong Dongtong, and it is a stunt.

6. Change the head (lock hair wrong neck)

1. We are engaged in close combat with the enemy, and we insert our left palm along the hair of the enemy’s right side;

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-9

2. Keep moving upward, our left palm then quickly bypasses the back of the enemy’s head to the left side of his head, and immediately grabs a strand of the enemy’s hair and pulls it counterclockwise;

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-10

3. At the same time, we grasp the enemy’s right lower jaw with our right palm, and also push it counterclockwise to make the enemy’s cervical vertebrae rotate beyond the limit, thereby injuring and breaking its cervical vertebrae.

6 Emei faction head and neck grappling fights-illustration-11

This move belongs to the killer move that kills the enemy, simple and cruel, and should not be used lightly! In the modern army, it is often used to touch the guard post and kill the enemy, so it cannot be used indiscriminately in the actual self-defense, remember! Remember!