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6 basic training in judo

01 Bow

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It would be ridiculous to shake hands with someone who practiced judo.

02 on the tatami

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Judo is trained on a sturdy mat, called tatami, and it is spread on the floor to prevent falling. It is very important to relax the muscles before training, if the muscles are stiff, there is a risk of serious falls. Therefore, most judoists also do soft and soft gymnastics after training.

03Physical fitness6 basic training in judo-illustration-2If you

If you want to be proficient in judo, you must be good at long-distance running and physically fit. Of course, running is also extremely beneficial to the heart and blood circulation. You must give full play to your strengths, but also take into account the lack of physical conditions and strive to make yourself “balanced” physically and mentally.

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Judo uses a variety of sports techniques, and if you want to reach the level of the national team, you have to master the latest sports methods.

04 Ground training 6 basic training in judo-illustration-4
The technique of sudden fall can identify how the level of a judoka is when fighting, and self-confidence and skillful technique will give you all and boldly defeat the enemy. Falling or being suddenly thrown yourself without being injured is a superb skill. Or Longkemi. You have to master this skill. Japan compares it to a flower on a cherry tree because it is as light and graceful as a cherry blossom falling.

05 Falling method6 basic training in judo-illustration-5 Before you roll sideways, backwards, and rolls on the pad, you must curl your head and elbows to prevent injury. The requirement of the falling technique is that in the moment before the judoka’s body hits the ground, the hands relax and land heavily, often causing vibration due to the heavy landing.

06 Grab method

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When fighting, before falling on the opponent, the accurate way is to grasp the sleeve of the opponent’s right arm with the left hand and grab the collar of the opponent’s top with the right hand.

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But sometimes it is necessary to move the right hand to grab the other person’s waist. It’s like ballroom dancing

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This way you can place your right arm under the other person’s armpit.