kung fu moves · 06/02/2023

5 ways to exercise around the shoulders

Many people, after retirement, are ready to start enjoying a good and comfortable life, but they are always plagued by a pain that cannot be used – frozen shoulders.

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What is a “frozen shoulder”?

Frozen shoulder, also known as frozen shoulder, frozen shoulder, fifty shoulder, tends to occur in people around the age of 50, more women than men, is the soft tissue lesions around the shoulder joint cause shoulder pain and mobility disorders.

How is “frozen shoulder” treated?

Frozen shoulders are a chronic condition that most patients gradually get better and recover. However, the condition may last for two to three years, during which time local occlusion, symptomatic treatment, of course, active shoulder exercises are conducive to functional recovery. Patients who do not respond to long-term conservative treatment may be treated with surgery.

Diseases that “freeze” up should be “moved” to be treated!

Whether it is conservative treatment or surgical treatment, home functional exercise and postoperative rehabilitation training after discharge are very important, today we will learn shoulder function exercise exercises, learn to go home to teach parents, and practice with parents after work~

★ Preparations

Functional exercise should be warmed up locally, and can be started after taking a hot bath; You can also cover the affected shoulder with a hot towel for 10~15 minutes. Get ready, let’s get started!

01丨Pendulum stretching method

The patient stands and bends lightly, allowing the affected limb to droop and draw circles, ten times a day in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. If the symptoms improve, the diameter of the circle can be increased, and the intensity of stretching exercise can be increased by holding a certain weight object (such as water bottles, dumbbells, etc.) to draw circles, and the weight of the object is about 1~2kg.

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02丨Towel stretching method

Hold the ends of the towel from behind with both hands, first holding the towel in a horizontal position, and then pulling the towel upward with your strong hand to move the affected limb to the opposite side. 10~20 times a day. If symptoms improve, you can strengthen your workout by placing a towel over your shoulder and pulling it on both ends of the towel with both hands.

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03丨Wall climbing practice method

Stand facing the wall, 1/3 of the arm away from the wall, let your fingers touch the wall, start at waist level and climb as high as possible, using the strength of the hand, not the muscle strength of the shoulder joint, and then slowly lower the affected limb, with the help of a strong limb if necessary. 10~20 times a day.

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04丨Stretching across the body

In a standing or sitting position, hold the affected elbow with a strong hand, lift the affected limb across the body, and gently apply pressure to pull the affected shoulder. Each stretch lasts 15~20 minutes, 10~20 times a day.

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05丨Armpit stretching method

Using the unaffected arm, lift the affected limb on a chest-level table, then stretch the shoulder by flexing the knee slightly so that the armpit is spread, then slowly increasing the knee flexion. 10~20 times a day.

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Our parents have worked hard for us all their lives and shouldered the responsibilities of the family, and now it is time for us to repay our parents so that they can enjoy retirement life easily and freely!

I hope that all parents will live a safe and healthy life~