kung fu moves · 06/20/2023

5 sets of street fights to be attacked

In real life, gangsters sometimes attack you suddenly, sometimes you will be held by gangsters and cannot be freed, and there are many times when you are in very dangerous situations. How can we defend ourselves in these situations?

Let’s introduce you to the counterattack moves in 5 sets of street fights, so that you can turn the crisis into safety.

5 sets of street fights to be attacked-illustration-
First, sit in the seat and fight back the frontal attack

When I sat in my seat and found that the enemy was coming at me, I was about to do something wrong, and when the enemy approached us, we suddenly attacked the enemy’s crotch and abdomen with our strongest legs, and we were bound to hit the enemy hard.

5 sets of street fights to be attacked-illustration-1
Second, sit in the seat and fight back the side attack

When I was sitting in my seat, the enemy stepped forward and grabbed my chest with his left hand, intending to attack me with his right fist; We immediately grabbed the enemy’s left hand with our left hand to prevent him from escaping, and at the same time slammed the enemy’s crotch with our right fist, severely damaging him.

5 sets of street fights to be attacked-illustration-2
Third, sit in the seat and fight back attack

When I sit in the seat, the enemy locks my neck with my right arm from behind me, and we immediately grab the enemy’s hair with our left hand and pull it down, and then use the middle and index fingers of our right hand to insert the enemy’s eyes in a two-dragon trick move.

5 sets of street fights to be attacked-illustration-3

Fourth, the liberation of being pressed and chained

5 sets of street fights to be attacked-illustration-4
The enemy pressed my chest sideways and locked my neck with his right arm; With our left hand, we grabbed the enemy’s eyes and broke them back, causing the enemy to release the right arm of the noose; We then pressed down on the enemy’s head and neck with our left leg, sandwiching the enemy’s head and neck between our legs; We grabbed the enemy’s right wrist with both hands and bent it towards his big arm, capturing the enemy.

Fifth, the liberation of being stuck in the throat of riding

Our side was ridden by the enemy, and at the same time the enemy choked me by the throat with both hands; We pierced the enemy’s eyes with our right hand, wounding his eyes; Our left hand immediately broke open the enemy’s left hand that was choking my throat, and struck the enemy’s hip joint or lower abdomen with his right elbow, causing the enemy’s combat effectiveness to decrease significantly; We immediately turned to the right and threw the enemy to the ground, immediately freeing the enemy from the attack.

5 sets of street fights to be attacked-illustration-5