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5 Muay Thai fighting methods

5 Muay Thai fighting methods-illustration-
The one-shot three-shot fight in Muay Thai gives full play to the overall weapon role of Muay Thai’s limbs and eight bodies (two fists, legs, elbows, and knees) to carry out a series of attacks, suppressing the opponent with a stormy rapid attack, without giving him a chance to breathe, until the enemy is knocked out.

Five sets of actual combat styles with punches as the lead are sorted out.

In the icon, the light-colored pants are us, and the black pants are the enemy.

1. Straight boxing head + bullet leg kick Yin + hook boxing jaw + flat elbow ear punch

1. Both sides stand in a left-hand fighting style and confront each other at medium and long distances;

2. Our side seizes the opportunity, suddenly steps forward with the right foot, approaches the outside of the enemy’s forehand (left hand), and punches the enemy with the left hand. Whether or not we hit the enemy, this move will attract the enemy’s defense to the upper plate, and we will step up to the right to avoid the enemy’s straight fist and foot counterattack.

3. The upward movement does not stop, and our side immediately strikes the enemy’s lower yin with the left leg. Due to the cover of the left straight fist, this bullet will have a high hit rate.

4. Immediately after the upward movement, our right foot falls forward and approaches; Taking advantage of the enemy’s lower vulva being hit or the enemy dodging with his chest and abdomen and leaning forward, our side took advantage of the trend to punch the enemy’s jaw or ear root with a flat hook with our right hand. Under normal circumstances, the enemy has been beaten out of rhythm by me.

5. The upward movement is non-stop, our side does not give the enemy a chance to breathe, and then sweeps the enemy’s neck or lower jaw or the root of the ear with the left flat elbow, and severely damages the enemy.

The move is coherent and complete, using up and down, continuous blows to destroy the enemy’s defense line and give it a heavy blow.

5 Muay Thai fighting methods-illustration-1
Second, straight boxing head + hoop neck knee strike

1. When our side meets the enemy, our side stands in the left fighting style, and the enemy stands in the right fighting style, facing each other;

2. I slide left and forward to the enemy’s right outside side, while quickly hitting the enemy’s head with my right fist in the backhand.

3. Keep moving up, our right hand follows the trend of the back of the enemy’s neck, and hugs back and presses down, while continuously hitting the enemy’s chest and abdomen with the right knee until the enemy is knocked down.

In this move, we slide to the right outside of the enemy, which can avoid the enemy’s straight punch counterattack on the one hand, and create an opportunity for the next knee attack on the enemy’s center line. Our right-handed one-handed neck can also be changed to a two-handed wrench or two-hand neck.

5 Muay Thai fighting methods-illustration-2
Third, probe fist false shake + side leg sweep + top knee chest + flat elbow hit head

1. The two sides face off in a left-hand fighting style.

2. Our side shakes a false move with a left probe fist; Lure the enemy to defend the upper set.

3. Taking advantage of the enemy’s defense of the upper plate, our side used a sharp right low leg sweep to vigorously sweep the outside of the knee joint of the enemy’s front leg (left leg), causing him to be injured.

4. The upward movement is non-stop, and our left knee violently hits the enemy’s abdomen or lower body.

5. Immediately afterwards, our side took advantage of the enemy’s abdomen blowing and leaning forward with the upper body, and slammed the enemy’s left ear root diagonally downward with our right flat elbow.

In this move, continuous sweeps with low legs can be used to disrupt the enemy’s defensive rhythm, and then our knees and flat elbows are enough to destroy the enemy’s combat effectiveness.

5 Muay Thai fighting methods-illustration-3
4. Straight boxing head + side leg sweep + straight boxing belly

1. On the basis of the left fighting style, our side attacks the enemy with a straight fist with the left hand.

2. The upward movement is non-stop, and our side follows the low sweep and kick of the left leg of the front leg to hit the inside of the knee of the left leg of the enemy’s front leg.

3. Immediately afterwards, our side punches the enemy in the abdomen with our right hand.

In this move, our left hand punches the enemy’s upper set with a straight punch, the main purpose of which is to obscure the enemy’s line of sight, attract the enemy’s attention to the upper set, and create opportunities for our side to attack the lower set with a low leg sweep and a heavy punch with the right hand to attack the middle plate.

The combination of straight and arc offensive lines, upper, middle and lower offensive lines, fist and foot attack combinations, coupled with our strike speed and strike accuracy, will make the opponent defenseless.

5 Muay Thai fighting methods-illustration-4
5. Straight boxing chest + hook boxing belly + swinging boxing head

1. Facing the enemy, I stand in a left fighting style; We find the opportunity to punch the enemy straight in the chest or head with our right hand.

2. The upward movement does not stop, and our side immediately punches the enemy’s abdomen with a left hook;

3. Immediately after the upward movement, our side swings the fist with the right hand to hit the enemy’s head hard.

In this move, the straight boxing chest can be virtual or real, and it covers the next two moves to hook the boxing abdomen and swing the boxing head.

5 Muay Thai fighting methods-illustration-5