kung fu moves · 06/04/2023

5-minute bowel massage

The intestine and stomach are good, and the talent is not easy to age. But I often sit in the office without exercise, and lazy after work in the sofa to watch TV. How is your body getting better? Not only is the stomach full of meat, but the intestine is also paralyzed and weak due to lack of exercise, and the digestive and absorption system cannot be opened like a closed factory, and the food eaten cannot be absorbed even if it is nutritious.

In order to have a healthy intestinal environment, in order to keep the food you eat from being wasted. We must have a healthy gut environment.

This goal can actually be achieved, as long as you do some simple intestinal massage exercises while working in the office, combined with exercise, eat more crude fiber vegetables, our intestines can return to a healthy level.

So next, let’s learn these two massage recipes together!

Method 1: Sit on a chair, then close your feet, breathe slowly, and twist your body to the left and right three ~ four times.

5-minute bowel massage-illustration-

Method 2: Open your feet and press the fingers of both hands firmly on the dantian (three centimeters below the navel). Hold this position, then exhale while forcefully leaning your upper body forward.

Until the wrist touches the thigh, make sure that the finger is deeply embedded in the muscle. Slowly massage the fingers of both hands embedded in the muscles three times on the dantian to the left.

5-minute bowel massage-illustration-1

Note: The left side of the stomach has the lower half of the colon that is most likely to hoard stool in the large intestine, and the right side has the ascending colon of the upper half of the large intestine, both of which are just in a slightly harder place above the pelvis, so don’t be too reluctant when massaging, you should adjust the strength according to the situation, even if it is just a gentle massage, you can also achieve a good effect.

After doing this massage exercise, you may wish to continue the simple “Knocking Fairy Bone Massage”, as long as you tap this area, you can stimulate the lower half of the large intestine and promote smooth bowel movements. In addition, it also helps to discharge the exhaust gas (fart) accumulated in the intestines, improves the feeling of swelling in the abdomen, and makes the lower body slimmer.

But don’t beat too hard to stimulate the colon more intensely. If you feel that your breathing is starting to become uncomfortable, don’t force yourself and immediately return to your original posture before continuing.

Steps: Stand up, then firmly lean your upper body forward and hold still for another ten seconds. Hit all the way from the waist where the fairy bone is located to the butt area with one hand, about ten times, then hold still for another ten seconds, and finally stand up straight. Repeat this action three times.

5-minute bowel massage-illustration-2