kung fu moves · 06/18/2023

5 martial arts of the French gendarmerie

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5 martial arts of the French gendarmerie-illustration-

The French National Gendarmerie is one of the three police forces in France, alongside the National Police and the Municipal Police.

The fighting techniques practiced by the French National Gendarmerie are based on French kicking and incorporating martial arts techniques from other countries and peoples.

We will introduce the techniques commonly used in French military police fighting.

First, the right pedal + curl the wrist + smash the elbow

The enemy struck me with a right lunge and a straight fist on me; Our side immediately intercepted the enemy with a right right kick kick in the crotch and abdomen; Immediately, we grabbed the enemy’s right wrist with both hands, twisted it outward and downward, and threw the enemy down; Immediately afterwards, we leaned over and smashed the enemy’s head from top to bottom with our right elbow, severely damaging the enemy.

5 martial arts of the French gendarmerie-illustration-1
Second, dodge and shoot + low sweep kick + flying spinning kick

The enemy kicked me in the crotch and abdomen with his right leg; Our side immediately retreated backwards to dodge, and slapped down the enemy’s leg with our hands; We then kicked the enemy’s right leg with a low left leg sweep; The left foot drops, then jumps up and attacks the enemy’s head with a right-handed kick in the air, knocking the enemy down.

5 martial arts of the French gendarmerie-illustration-2
3. Dive dodge + elbow strike + turn and cut legs + lock knees

The enemy attacks our head with a right lunge and a right swing fist; We immediately dived downwards to dodge; Immediately, we stepped up and right to approach the enemy’s right outside, and hit the enemy’s head with our right elbow; Immediately afterwards, our side took the initiative to fall to the ground and turn around, cut the enemy’s right leg, and knocked the enemy down; We then locked the enemy’s knee joint to subdue the enemy.

5 martial arts of the French gendarmerie-illustration-3
Fourth, hook the abdomen + hold the leg top fall + fall to the elbow

The enemy locked my head and neck from front to front with his right arm; Our side first hit the enemy’s crotch with a right hook fist continuously; Immediately threw the enemy down with a leg-hugging top; Our side immediately turned and fell to the ground, hitting the enemy’s chest and abdomen with our left elbow, severely damaging the enemy.

5 martial arts of the French gendarmerie-illustration-4
5. Kick and kick the abdomen with leg hugging + kicking the crotch and abdomen

The enemy attacked our middle plate with a right leg; Our side hugged the enemy’s right leg with our left arm, and then kicked the enemy’s left support leg with our left leg to knock the enemy down; Our left hand continued to grasp the enemy’s right ankle, and at the same time slammed into the enemy’s crotch and abdomen with his right foot, severely damaging the enemy.

5 martial arts of the French gendarmerie-illustration-5