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4 ways to fight back in boxing defense

Boxing defense method four moves

4 ways to fight back in boxing defense-illustration-
1. Shoulder blocking method

The shoulder blocking method is used when the opponent hits a straight fist, and there is no time to use the sliding method or the blocking method to dodge, this method is to block the opponent’s strong hit with the left shoulder, at this time the left heel is slightly raised, the palm of the right foot touches the ground, and at the same time slightly turns to the right, the left shoulder is slightly raised, the center of gravity falls on the right foot, and the right hand is guarded against the opponent’s second blow.

If the opponent does not attack continuously, he can quickly rotate his right shoulder to strike a counterattack with his right hand (below).

4 ways to fight back in boxing defense-illustration-1

2. Elbow blocking method

This defensive method is similar to the shoulder blocking method mentioned above, and it is also used when it is too late to use the blocking defensive method. The difference is to use your elbow to block the opponent’s blow (below).

4 ways to fight back in boxing defense-illustration-2
The technical point is that the elbow and body must be defended as one.

Generally, use your right elbow to block the opponent’s left-handed blow, and use your left elbow to block the opponent’s right-handed blow. Sometimes the right elbow is also used to block the right blow, and the left elbow blocks the left blow.

In short, according to the objective actual changes, make correct judgments by themselves and adopt appropriate defensive means.

When doing shoulder or elbow defenses, always keep your hands down and maintain your basic standing position.

3. The defensive method of swinging fists

This method is mainly a defensive method used against large swing strikes.

It is a variation of the subtle defensive method, the main point of which is to bend the right foot and go diagonally to the right, and drop the weight on the right leg, as if dodging the opponent’s big swing by reclining (below).

4 ways to fight back in boxing defense-illustration-3
4. The defensive method of the hook fist

During the game, if you are chased to the rope corner by the opponent, there is no room for dodging, and the method of holding is generally used to ease the situation. But the opponent’s hook punch is too fierce to even hold, at this time, you should suddenly retract your left foot, and while approaching your right foot, hit a straight punch (below).

4 ways to fight back in boxing defense-illustration-4
Then the right foot comes out to the right and quickly leaves the opponent’s effective strike range.

In defensive techniques, in addition to the above-mentioned defensive methods, there are some other defensive methods. But they are basically variations of the above defensive laws, which I will not talk about here.

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Finally, I would like to introduce a more negative approach.

When we are attacked by the other party, if we have no time to dodge the other party’s blow, it is best to take the method of lifting the heel to buffer the opponent’s blow. The key is to never touch the soles of both feet at the same time, and when one heel hits the ground, the other heel should be lifted. (Jiang Yongji)