kung fu moves · 06/04/2023

4 ways to exercise the waist

Waist exercise step 1:

4 ways to exercise the waist-illustration-

Lie face up on the floor with your body relaxed and your knees slightly bent and raised. At this time, the large lumbar tendon is in a relaxed state, and the vertebrae are in a state of vertical stretching.

Waist exercise step 2:

4 ways to exercise the waist-illustration-1

Firm your thighs and knees, tuck your legs together. Exhale slowly while bringing your knees close to your chest. At this time, the focus of the large lumbar contraction is to move the pelvis and stretch the back.

Waist exercise step 3:

4 ways to exercise the waist-illustration-2

Bend your toes at 90 degrees to your legs and apply pressure toward your abdomen, hips, thighs, and inside your knees for about 5 seconds.

Waist exercise step four:

4 ways to exercise the waist-illustration-3

Inhale while slowly returning the leg to step 2 and finally to its original position. Keep practicing, and the results will be effective soon.