kung fu moves · 06/20/2023

4 groups of armed police catch leg wrestling moves

The following is an introduction to the classic armed police grappling moves.

4 groups of armed police catch leg wrestling moves-illustration-
1. Stumble legs and kneel crotch

The enemy kicks us on the side of his left leg; We dodge with a left horizontal step, and at the same time meet the enemy’s ankles and thighs with both hands in a left-hand holding motion, step back with the right foot to the left foot, trip the enemy’s right support leg backwards with the left leg, press the enemy’s knee joint with the left big arm, and press the body sharply to the right to knock the enemy down; We then knelt forward with our left knee and struck the enemy in the crotch and subdued the enemy.

4 groups of armed police catch leg wrestling moves-illustration-1
Second, lift the leg and press the neck

The enemy attacked our middle set with a sweep of his right leg; Our side immediately advances while turning to the left, holding the enemy’s ankle with the left, quickly extending the right hand forward to the back of the enemy’s neck, kicking the left calf of the enemy’s supporting leg with the right foot, and at the same time turning the body to the right, lifting the enemy’s right leg with the left hand, pressing the enemy’s neck with the right hand, and falling the enemy down; We then kicked the enemy in the ribs with our right foot to subdue the enemy.

4 groups of armed police catch leg wrestling moves-illustration-2
3. Kick your legs

The enemy attacks my middle set with a left front leg or side kick; Our side immediately dodged backwards, and at the same time caught the enemy’s ankle in advance in a left-hand hug motion; Our side immediately took a step back with our left foot, and took advantage of the enemy’s forward momentum, twisted and pulled the enemy’s leg backwards to make the enemy lose his center of gravity, and then drew an arc from the bottom up with the enemy’s calf to fall the enemy; After the enemy fell, our side immediately raised the enemy’s calf, raised the right leg and kicked the enemy’s abdomen, subduing the enemy.

4 groups of armed police catch leg wrestling moves-illustration-3
4. Twist the ankle and knee the enemy to attack my middle plate with a right sweeping leg; Our side immediately turns to the left, catches the enemy’s ankle or calf with a left holding motion, and grasps the enemy’s heel with the right hand; Our right foot then steps forward, while turning our body to the right and twisting the enemy’s ankle joint, throwing the enemy face down; After the enemy falls, our left knee immediately kneels to hit the enemy’s left knee or left thigh, grasps the enemy’s toes with the right hand, turns the body slightly to the right while pressing the left shoulder forward and down against the enemy’s leg, and twists the enemy’s ankle joint with the right hand to subdue the enemy.

4 groups of armed police catch leg wrestling moves-illustration-4