kung fu moves · 09/25/2023

3 ways to walk for health

Take a walk

3 ways to walk for health-illustration-
Walking is an exercise advocated by the ancients that is beneficial to the human body. But how do you go for a walk to achieve the desired result?

1. Relax and combine

The ancients had the saying of “walking as a car”, and Cao Tingdong, a famous health practitioner in the Qing Dynasty, pointed out: “Those who walk are scattered and not informal, and they walk and stand, and they stand and walk.” This is especially important for the elderly, because in old age, the tissues and organs of the body gradually decline, which is not suitable for sustained or strenuous exercise.

2. Relax and smile moderately

Walking was originally an act of idleness, and the ancients believed that “it is necessary to have a state of leisure”. Relaxing the spirit as much as possible can play a role in regulating the spirit and recovering fatigue. Don’t laugh too much during the walk, words are the voice of the heart, and joy comes from the heart. Excessive laughter will distract the spirit and deplete the spirit, and the ancients had the idea that “everyone walks and does not speak with people”.

3. Take a break after eating

Modern medicine believes that the blood flow of the digestive system after meals increases significantly to ensure the completion of digestive function, and the blood flow of the extremities increases immediately when it moves, which will affect the smooth progress of digestive function. Especially for people with brain and cardiovascular diseases. After eating, you should rest for a while and wait for the blood supply to the brain and heart to improve before going for a walk, so as not to aggravate the condition or cause accidents. (Qiu Fan)