News · 05/28/2023

3 practical defensive grappling techniques

Guidance: Fu Biao

Organized by: Han Feng

Photographer: Liu Xinnan

Demo: Ji Maifeng, Song Yangyang


I Program Purpose: In the shortest possible time, learn the most useful self-defense techniques!

This column focuses on simple and practical self-defense techniques for martial arts enthusiasts in various fields and professions to learn. Its sports can be practiced both outdoors and indoors, regardless of gender or age. It can not only improve self-defense awareness, self-defense ability, adaptability and fighting skills. It can not only enhance the comprehensive ability of self-defense and self-defense, but also cultivate a person’s wit, courage, and tenacious willpower and temperament. Its sports characteristics are fast action, strong practicality, easy to learn, easy to master, and not limited by age. Through learning, not only can we protect ourselves in emergency situations, but we can also protect those around us.

In order to help martial arts enthusiasts learn more practical and comprehensive self-defense techniques, this column will gradually introduce various self-defense techniques for everyone to learn. For example, unarmed combat, equipment unarmed combat, one move to defeat enemies, women’s self-defense, etc., three daily moves are simple and practical, and can be learned and practiced by everyone at all times.

Even when you are busy, you only need to take a few minutes to master, allowing your body to gradually become stronger and develop extraordinary abilities and physique. Friends, what are you waiting for? Let’s take action together.


II Techniques for this episode: Practical Capture

Practical grappling is written based on the laws of human joint activity, physiological characteristics of key parts, human mechanics, transfer of body center of gravity, and general combat situations.

However, in actual combat, the physical conditions of the opponent, the environment, position, technical level, strength, thoughts and emotions of both sides are different. So when using capture or anti capture techniques, it should be determined based on the actual situation at the time.

To skillfully adapt to changes and randomly adapt to situations, only by studying diligently, mastering and mastering techniques comprehensively, and being proficient in them, can we achieve the goal of drawing inferences from one instance and not being inferior to others.


III Technique demonstration (three methods of catching hair before breaking)

When the enemy catches your hair head-on, use this method to take it (1).

Explanation: When A is caught by B with his right (left) hand, he quickly clasps his right (left) hand tightly with both hands, pulls it back forcefully, and leans his body and head back at the same time, straightening the enemy’s arm and slightly bending his wrist. Then, he bends forward with a strong force, and pulls his head and hand together to the right (left) back, and cuts it downward. This will cause the wrist to break. As shown in Figure (1-1 to 1-4)

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-

Figure 1–1

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-1

Figure 1–2

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-2

Figure 1–3

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-3

Figure 1–4

Key point: After the enemy’s arms are straightened, cut in the downward direction.

Breaking Front Grasping Hair: When the enemy catches your hair head-on, use this method to grab it (2)

Explanation: When A is caught head-on by B with his right hand, A clasps B’s hand with his right hand, clasps B’s palm with his middle finger, and grabs the enemy’s outer wrist with his left hand. The body and head are tilted back with pulling force, straightening the enemy’s arm and slightly bending the wrist. Move forward and close, while taking a step forward with your left leg, press down with your left elbow from top to front, using a cold and crisp force, then the enemy’s wrist must be broken. As shown in Figure (2-1 to 2-3)

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-4

Figure 2–1

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-5

Figure 2–2

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-6

Figure 2–3

Key point: Same as above.

Breaking Front Grasping Hair: When the enemy catches your hair head-on, use this method to capture it (3)

Explanation: A was grabbed by B with his right (left) hand to catch his hair head-on, with A’s right hand down and left hand up, clasping the enemy’s hand. The body and head were pulled back and down to straighten the enemy’s arm. At the same time, both hands forcefully pressed the enemy’s wrist joint, causing B’s right palm to move upwards. Then, A’s left hand forcefully pressed the elbow joint of B to capture B. As shown in Figure (3-1 to 3-3)

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-7

Figure 3–1

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-8

Figure 3–2

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-9

Figure 3–3

Key point: Use both hands to force together.

Remove a helmet

Explanation: The enemy used a right swing to punch me on the head, and I quickly blocked with my left hand. Taking advantage of the situation, I grabbed the enemy’s hair with my left hand and pulled it towards my chest. At the same time, push the enemy’s forehead with the right hand, lean tightly against the body, and lean the right elbow against the enemy’s chest. Keep both hands together with force. As shown in Figure (4-1 to 4-5)

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-10

Figure 4–1

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-11

Figure 4–2

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-12

Figure 4–3

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-13

Figure 4–4

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-14

Figure 4–5

Key points: Grab your hair quickly, push your forehead hard, and apply force to both hands.

Pout rat

Explanation: The enemy is facing towards the area below my chest and grabbing it. I quickly spread my hands and flipped them up. I used my palms to block the two jawbones of B, and at the same time, I pressed my fingertips into the numb muscles under the enemy’s ears. I used my strength to hook in and pull back, with my upper body down. I sat back on my buttocks, making my hands and feet numb and unable to rotate. As shown in Figure (5-1 to 5-3)

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-15

Figure 5–1

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-16

Figure 5–2

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-17

Figure 5–3



說明:我被敵由身後抓住頭髮,我速用手向後扣住其抓來之手,用力向左拉、同時身體隨之左轉,以左手向下向上托乙肘尖身體向左傾斜,頭向後仰,左手用疾勁向上托,可使敵人肘斷,左手使柔勁可將敵擒住。 如Figure (6–1至6–3所示)

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-18

Figure 6–1

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-19

Figure 6–2

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-20

Figure 6–3


動作說明:乙用右直拳擊打甲胸部、頭髮,甲用右手外采將乙來拳抓住,同時向左閃躲,右肩後撤,抓乙的右手向後猛拉。 如敵人反抗或者沒抓住乙的右手,甲的右手説明左手猛推乙下額,同時身體靠緊乙。 如Figure (7–1至7–4所示)

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-21

Figure 7–1

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-22

Figure 7–2

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-23

Figure 7–3

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-24

Figure 7–4



動作說明:從背後用雙臂插入敵腋下,並將雙手置於其頭後部,扣緊十指,往下壓迫敵人頭部的同時向上抬他的手臂。 如Figure (8–1至8–4所示)

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-25

Figure 8–1

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-26

Figure 8–2

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-27

Figure 8–3

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-28

Figure 8–4


動作說明:敵用右拳迎面擊來,我左手用臂格擋,身向前靠,以右胸靠敵右肩,左臂經敵腋下扶住敵背部,用右手扣敵眼上端,用力前推敵頸部。 如Figure (9–1至9–4所示)

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-29

Figure 9–1

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-30

Figure 9–2

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-31

Figure 9–3

3 practical defensive grappling techniques-illustration-32

Figure 9–4

Note: This technique is a practical grappling technique, which needs to be carried out under the guidance of professionals, do not practice blindly, and do not shoot at will. For example, personal practice, you must be fully familiar with the operation of the action, the requirements and key points, and be diligent in learning and thinking, practicing more and grinding more; After the system is mastered, it will be strictly refined. Here, I hope that you will give more valuable comments, and if there are any deficiencies, please correct them.