kung fu moves · 06/18/2023

3 moves of Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing Fighting

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3 moves of Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing Fighting-illustration-

The tuck is an attack punch that runs from front to back and from back down to back through the body side, and its power point is on the fist wheel. “Flip Fist” is characterized by sudden attacks, small swing routes, and strong concealment. The main target of the “Qiquan Fist” is mostly the enemy’s crotch or abdomen, and once hit, it can make the enemy instantly lose its combat effectiveness.

“Ji Quan” is also one of the typical punching techniques of martial arts sanda. It is a practical punching technique for hitting opponents at close range. Often in defeat suddenly counterattack the opponent to work wonders. It can also be used as a supplement to offensive means with the cooperation of rebound punches, drill punches, elbows and other movements.

The move practice of “Chu Fist”: the left leg is in front and the actual combat step is performed. Turn the upper body 90° to the left, turn the left heel outward and crush the ground, and at the same time the left fist is struck through the front chest to the front and bottom of the body, the fist eye is down, and the fist heart is outward. The right elbow is then abducted and raised, and the right fist is placed on the left side of the jaw protector.

Action Essentials: When striking, force up to the boxing wheel, the attack point is concentrated on the opponent’s abdomen and crotch. One punch and the other must be defended in time.

Practice method:

(1) Punch the sandbag with the left and right punches, 20 times in each set.

(2) First use the left probe fist to shake (the height is the same height as the enemy’s front), then use the left fist to hit (the height is the same height as the enemy’s crotch), do 20 consecutive times, then switch to the right position, and then do 20 times.

The following are 3 practical combat cases of “Ji Fist”, on this basis, you can flexibly use it according to the actual situation.

Practical case 1:

The enemy attacks our head with a right swing fist; Our side immediately crouched to dodge and defuse the enemy’s attack, and at the same time attacked the enemy’s crotch and abdomen with a fist with our left hand.

3 moves of Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing Fighting-illustration-1

Practical case 2:

The enemy attacks our upper plate with a right straight or swinging fist; Our side immediately blocked the enemy’s attacking fist with our left hand, and then attacked the enemy’s crotch and abdomen with our left fist.

3 moves of Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing Fighting-illustration-2

Practical case 3:

The enemy sweeps our upper middle plate with his left leg; Our side immediately slapped the enemy’s left leg with both hands, then turned 360 degrees back to the right and attacked the enemy’s crotch and abdomen with a fist with his right hand.

3 moves of Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing Fighting-illustration-3

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