kung fu moves · 06/11/2023

3 methods of hip and knee attacks

The boxing proverb goes: “Turn around and make the buttocks, close to the body and use the crotch.” “In close-fitting grappling, hip strikes or drops can be used to knock enemies out or down.

There is a boxing proverb: “Kick with your feet far away, elbow and knee closely.” “In hand-to-hand combat, unexpected knee strikes can often defeat a strong enemy in one fell swoop.

1. Hip attack

(1) The rabbit pedals the eagle’s hip and sits on the crotch

The two sides faced off (Figure 1-1-1). The enemy slid forward and hit the sides of our head with twin peaks; We immediately block the enemy’s double forearms outward with both forearms (Fig. 1-1-2). Then we reach forward with both hands to grab the enemy’s shoulders or collar, retreat our left leg and crouch down, and then pull our hands down, forcing the enemy to bend forward (Fig. 1-1-3). Immediately afterwards, we pressed the ball of our right foot against the enemy’s lower abdomen (Fig. 1-1-4). Moving upwards, our hands continue to pull the enemy violently, while the body sits backwards and kicks the enemy into the air with his right foot; Immediately, our hands continued to pull back after our backs hit the ground; After landing on the ground on both shoulders, continue to roll backwards, and kick the enemy’s lower abdomen with your feet, throwing the enemy out of our head (Figure 1-1-5). Constantly moving upward, our hands grabbed the enemy and flipped back, riding on the enemy’s lower abdomen, locking the enemy’s throat with both hands, and at the same time shaking and singing down the enemy’s crotch or lower abdomen, injuring the enemy’s vital point (Fig. 1-1-6).

3 methods of hip and knee attacks-illustration-
(2) Turn around and bump the tiger’s tail leg

The enemy and ourselves face off (Fig. 1-2-1). The enemy steps forward and right, and attacks our head with a right straight fist; We immediately retreated to the left and leaned back to dodge (Fig. 1-2-2). The enemy then steps forward and left and hits us in the head with a left swing; We dodged with both feet sliding backwards while blocking the defense with our right forearm (Fig. 1-2-3). Immediately afterwards, we quickly squatted down and turned 180 degrees to the left rear, and at the same time took a big step to the right with the left foot as we turned around, standing close to the enemy’s back, and then we bowed forward with our upper body, pouted our buttocks sharply backwards, and slammed our hips into the enemy’s hip crotch, causing the enemy’s center of gravity to lose balance and lunging forward (Fig. 1-2-4). Immediately after the upward movement, we will vigorously kick the enemy’s buttocks with the left rear leg or kick the enemy’s crotch with the left rear leg to defeat the enemy (Fig. 1-2-5).

3 methods of hip and knee attacks-illustration-1
(3) Riding a donkey upside down on the hips

The two sides face off (Figure 1-3-1). The enemy moves his left foot forward half a step forward and kicks us in the chest and abdomen with his right leg; We immediately retreated to the left, turned left to dodge, and at the same time slapped the enemy’s right ankle outward with our right hand (Fig. 1-3-2). The enemy steps forward with his right foot and hits us in the head with a right-hand swing; We immediately slid backwards and squatted down to dodge (Fig. 1-3-3). Immediately afterwards, we quickly step forward and left to the enemy’s crotch, wrap our hands around the enemy’s legs and knees, pull back and lift, and at the same time slam forward with our left shoulder to hit the enemy’s hip (Fig. 1-3-4). We throw the enemy down with a leg-hugging move, and kneel down on the enemy’s crotch with the left knee (Fig. 1-3-5). Taking advantage of the pain caused by the pressure on the enemy’s crotch, our hands held the enemy’s legs and turned to the left, and the right foot stepped over the enemy’s waist, forcing the enemy to turn right and turn over and throw himself on the ground; Immediately, we quickly sat on the enemy’s hips, clamped our arms between the enemy’s feet, and pulled the enemy’s knees back with both hands, so that the enemy’s legs and waist were overextended beyond their limits of movement, thus subduing the enemy (Fig. 1-3-6).

3 methods of hip and knee attacks-illustration-2

two, knee attack method

(1) Consecutive side knees hitting the waist and abdomen

The two sides face off (Fig. 2-1-1). The enemy steps up to the right and attacks our chest with a straight right fist; We step sideways with our left foot to the left while dodging the enemy’s right fist to the left (Fig. 2-1-2). We then put up the enemy’s right arm with our right forearm to expose the chest and abdomen, and at the same time took this opportunity to slam the enemy’s chest and abdomen with our right knee (Fig. 2-1-3). Immediately afterwards, we grabbed the enemy’s right wrist with both hands, lifted the enemy’s right arm up, quickly landed on the ground with the right foot, twisted to the right, and slammed the enemy’s lower back kidney with the left knee (Fig. 2-1-4). Without stopping, our hands released the enemy’s right arm, quickly landed on the ground with our left foot, twisted to the left, and slammed the enemy’s abdomen with our right knee, severely damaging the enemy to the ground (Fig. 2-1-5).

3 methods of hip and knee attacks-illustration-3
(2) Continuous knee hitting the crotch and abdomen

The two sides face off (Fig. 2-2-1). The enemy kicked us in the abdomen with his right leg, and we immediately slid backwards to dodge (Fig. 2-2-2). Immediately, we hook the enemy’s right calf outward with our left hand, and at the same time step up and left and plunge our right palm straight into the enemy’s throat or eye (Fig. 2-2-3). Immediately afterwards, we slammed our right knee forward against the enemy’s abdomen (Fig. 2-2-4). Then our right foot quickly landed on the ground, and then slammed our left knee into the enemy’s crotch, severely damaging the enemy (Fig. 2-2-5).

3 methods of hip and knee attacks-illustration-4
(3) Consecutive flying knees hitting the chest and abdomen

The two sides faced off (Fig. 2-3-1). The enemy attacks our head with a high right kick; We immediately retreated to the left and crouched to dodge the enemy’s right foot (Fig. 2-3-2). Immediately, we quickly stepped forward and approached the left and wrapped our hands around the back of the enemy’s neck (Fig. 2-3-3). Then pull the enemy’s neck back and down with both hands, and at the same time hit the enemy’s chest with his right flying knee (Fig. 2-3-4). Without stopping, we landed on the ground with our right foot, released our hands, and hit the enemy’s abdomen with our left knee (Fig. 2-3-5). Then, we grabbed the enemy’s shoulders with both hands and pulled them back and down, while slamming our knees into the enemy’s chest and abdomen, severely damaging the enemy (Fig. 2-3-6).

3 methods of hip and knee attacks-illustration-5