kung fu moves · 05/30/2023

3 Jeet Kune Do balance training

Jeet Kune Do balance refers to the ability of the nervous system to work with muscles to maintain physical stability. During exercise, this ability is mainly manifested in the control of the body’s center of gravity.

Jeet Kune Do balance is mainly divided into two types: dynamic balance and static balance. In contrast, mastering balance in dynamic movement is more difficult and important than mastering balance in a static state.

Because both sides are moving rapidly during confrontation, the center of gravity of the practitioner’s body must constantly change with his movements, and the fall of a punch or leg may cause an instantaneous physical imbalance, and at this time, it is most likely to incur the other party’s ruthless blows. That’s why defensive counter-attackers often have the upper hand. But sometimes, with a clear attack intention, the movement of the center of gravity helps to achieve faster speed, such as in footwork practice, using the movement of the body’s center of gravity to increase the speed of movement.

1. Factors affecting the quality of balance

1) correct body posture;

2) the quality of proprioceptive ability;

3) the degree of visual involvement;

4) The ability of the nervous system to innervate muscles.



此處的跳繩並非毫無技巧的任意亂跳。 最基本的方位應是首先以單腳跳,另一隻腳始終抬離地面置於體前,一分鐘后換腳,再度堅持一分鐘后,可左右腳進行交換跳。


單腳站立,閉上眼睛,盡可能保持身體平衡。 (圖4-33)

3 Jeet Kune Do balance training-illustration-

3) Swing for independence

In the one-legged standing position, move your body to different angles and directions, and try to find a balance in each angle and orientation. (Figure 4-34(1)(2)(3))

3 Jeet Kune Do balance training-illustration-1

3 Jeet Kune Do balance training-illustration-2

4. Yoga

Practice overall balance with a few yoga asanas. (Figure 4-35(1)(2))

3 Jeet Kune Do balance training-illustration-3


3 Jeet Kune Do balance training-illustration-4

In addition to the above methods, you should also carry out dynamic kicking and hitting exercises in all directions and angles, experience the feeling of every spatial movement of the body during the movement, experience the difference between balance and imbalance, and gradually correct your own technical movements. when

After mastering basic technical movements, you should try to coordinate the combined attack ability of fists and feet when moving forward, backward, and sideways, and gradually increase the speed of activation and recovery of movements.