News · 05/25/2023

2023 Chinese Kung Fu vs. Thai Boxing

On May 20, 2023, the “Huai Cheng Jue” Sino Thai Fighting Tournament hosted by Yinjiang Construction Group Co., Ltd. will kick off at the Huai’an Sports Center in Jiangsu Province. Led by “Anton King” Liu Yong and a group of famous Chinese fighting generals, the competition will take place against top fighting experts from Thailand. A feast of gluttonous fighting will soon be staged in Huai’an.

It is worth mentioning that “Anton King” Liu Yong will face Thai boxing champion Bo Bo in this competition. Liu Yong, the ‘King of Anton’, has been practicing martial arts since childhood and was deeply influenced by his father. He won the Henan Sanda Championships in his teens at the Tagou Martial Arts School. Since 2014, he has transformed into a free combat team and has been unstoppable. He competed fiercely against Japan’s WPMF World Thai Boxing Champion, Minsho Nakamura, and won the title of Wu Lin Feng’s 65kg class rookie king. He competed with Thailand’s’ toughest man ‘star in three rounds, regardless of competition experience and fighting skills, Liu Yong has the ability to take action.


2023 Chinese Kung Fu vs. Thai Boxing-illustration-

It is reported that the opponent Liu Yong will face this time is Bobai, the 60kg champion and owner of the MAXIMUM THAI gold belt from Thailand’s Lunpuni Arena. And with a terrifying record of 180 battles and 150 wins, facing the deep-rooted professional Thai boxer Bobai, it is unknown whether Liu Yong can win his first domestic battle. However, based on Liu Yong’s previous matches, it is certain that boxing fans will be able to feast their eyes on an exciting and unparalleled fighting feast. Let’s wait and see who will spend the WKA Asian Gold Belt!



In addition, Zhang Wenhao, a local player from Huai’an, known as the “Little Overlord of Chu City”, will also showcase his skills in this competition, hoping to use his expertise to add glory to his hometown. Chinese famous fighter Bai Lishui, “Snow Mountain Flying Fox”, “China Dragon” Bruce Lee, “China Tiger” Zhang Jinhu, “Tyrant” Pan Jiayun, “” Cold faced Assassin Liu Chunrui, “Flat headed Brother” Li Yuankun and other famous fighters were all in this competition.



The “Huai Cheng Jue” China Thailand Fighting Tournament is not only an explanation to Liu Yong since he practiced martial arts, but also a contribution to the development of Chinese competitive sports and a tribute to China’s fighting cause. On May 20th, let’s look forward to the wonderful performance of the Huai Cheng Jue China Thailand Fighting Tournament.