kung fu moves · 06/20/2023

2 brilliant throws in hand-to-hand combat

Chinese wrestling techniques often play a decisive role in hand-to-hand combat.

I will introduce you to 2 classic and wonderful wrestling methods, which are very simple and easy to learn and practical.

Arm back throwing is a classic move often used in the grappling fist of the Chinese armed police.

In actual combat, when the enemy attacks our head with a left swing fist, our side immediately turns our body slightly to the left, fights outward with our right forearm and holds its arm and presses down, while stepping up to the left, clamping its left arm with its left arm, using the left foot as the axis, twisting the body to the right, flexing and stretching slightly to squat to meet the gangster’s lower abdomen on foot, kicking the ground with both feet to exert force, pulling his arm forward and down with both hands, and throwing it out of our back.

2 brilliant throws in hand-to-hand combat-illustration-
When the gangster lunges from the front with his right lunge and grabs our chest with his right hand, we quickly grab his right hand with his right hand to prevent him from escaping, and then our left shoulder twists to the right, bypasses our left big arm around the right arm of the gangster, and then grabs the back of the gangster with his left hand, and at the same time steps up to the left, pins the right heel of the gangster with his left foot, and our body continues to twist in the left back direction, throwing the gangster down.

2 brilliant throws in hand-to-hand combat-illustration-1