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18 anti-riot fighting moves

Compiled a set of 18 anti-riot fighting moves to share with everyone. These moves, the average person can understand through the illustration and master the essentials. And these moves are specially designed for the weak to deal with those who are physically strong. Even if you only have the power of a child, you can make those vicious outlaws bow down. No matter how weak you are, these 18 Fight moves will allow you to knock out and defeat your opponents.

These moves, the average person can understand through the illustration and master the essentials. And these moves are specially designed for the weak to deal with those who are physically strong. Even if you only have the power of a child, you can make those vicious outlaws bow down.First, press the elbow and hit the head

When the gangsters grab our chest with their right hand and threaten us, we can pretend to be afraid and ask the enemy for mercy. Taking advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness, our hands slammed down on the enemy’s elbow socket, forcing the enemy to lean forward. At this time, our side slammed the nose bridge of the enemy with the forehead of the head, which can cause the enemy’s nasal bone to be fractured, blood to flow, and the combat effectiveness will be sharply reduced (Figure 1).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-
Second, grab your wrists and don’t elbow

When the gangsters rush towards us and try to grab our chest with our right hand, we push down the enemy’s right wrist with our left hand facing down and the palm of our right hand up, while lifting the enemy’s right elbow with our right hand. Then I turned to the right, reversed the enemy’s right arm with both hands, and twisted it behind the enemy’s back. Then we grab the enemy’s right shoulder with our right hand and tightly twist the enemy’s right wrist with our left hand to subdue the enemy (Figure 2).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-1
Third, grab your wrists and elbows

The enemy grabbed our chest with our left hand, clasped the enemy’s left hand with the palm of our right hand facing down, and at the same time grasped the enemy’s left elbow bone with the left palm up. Immediately afterwards, he turned forcefully to the left, then pushed the enemy’s left elbow from the bottom up and left with his right hand, twisted the enemy’s left arm behind the enemy, and subdued the enemy (Figure 3).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-2
Fourth, cross the arm

The enemy stepped forward and grabbed our chest with his right hand, and we quickly threw ourselves to the right, followed by a strong swing of the left arm to the right and down, and used the strength of the upper body to crush the enemy’s right hand downward through the left armpit, which generally freed the enemy’s right hand. If the enemy does not let go, our left hand follows the trend from under the enemy’s right arm, wraps it up to the left and upwards, and presses the enemy’s right shoulder down with the left hand, forcing the enemy to finally let go (Figure 4).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-3
Fifth, take the elbow and pinch the hole

There are many acupuncture points and numbing sutras in the elbow area, which will be very sore and numb when pinched, so when captured, these acupuncture points and anesthesia sutras often become targets. Therefore, when the enemy grabs us by the collar with both hands, we can immediately grab the enemy’s elbows with both hands and force their acupuncture points and numbing sutras to force the enemy to relax due to the unbearable numbness (Figure 5).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-4
6. Embrace your waist and stick to your body

In order not to put ourselves in a beating situation when encountering an enemy who is stronger than you, we can hold the enemy’s waist tightly with both arms, and hold our right ear tightly to the enemy’s chest, and stand with both feet in the right lunge. In this way, the enemy’s fists will not be able to attack. It should be noted that our right foot must be inserted under the enemy’s chest, so that our lower body is also tightly attached to the enemy, and do not leave space, otherwise it is easy to be attacked by the enemy’s knee. Using the above methods, you can better confront the enemy, protect your body, wait for rescue or look for opportunities to fight back (Figure 6).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-5
7. Bandeau fall

The enemy punched me straight on the plate, and we quickly dodged to the left, while grabbing the enemy’s right wrist with our right hand and pulling hard to the right. Immediately afterwards, the upper left leg tripped the enemy’s right leg from behind the enemy, and with his left arm outstretched, he pushed the opponent’s chest backwards and threw him (Figure 7).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-6
8. Crushing arms and falling

When the enemy attacks our chest with his left fist, we immediately grab his left wrist with his left hand, while his right hand wraps the enemy’s left arm from the outside to the inside and downwards, and presses the outside of the enemy’s left elbow tightly with the inside of our right elbow, so that it becomes a reverse joint and is forced to straighten. Immediately afterwards, we take a left step forward, lean forward with our upper body, and press the enemy’s left arm forward and down with our right arm, driving the enemy’s left shoulder joint and upper body forward and downward, thus forcing the enemy to fall forward, like a dog eating (Figure 8).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-7

9. Hold your waist and stand tall

When we put our hands around the enemy’s waist and prepared to perform the wrestling technique, the enemy raised his right elbow and prepared to smash our back. Taking advantage of the moment the enemy raised his elbow, our side quickly stood up and pressed the enemy’s right forearm up from under the enemy’s right armpit with our right shoulder, so that the enemy’s right elbow would not be able to function. It should be noted that at this time, our hands must hold the enemy’s back tightly so that our abdomen is close to the enemy’s abdomen, and there can be no gap between the two, otherwise the enemy will take the opportunity to attack our lower body with its knees (Figure 9). Subsequently, we can fight back by stomping on the enemy’s foot with our heel or by stumbling the heel of the enemy and pressing forward with our upper body to knock the enemy down.

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-8
10. Knee impact on the tail vertebrae

We were knocked down by the enemy, who sat on our chest and abdomen in a riding position and choked me by the throat with both hands. At this time, we need to be calm. We need to understand that our legs are not controlled by the enemy at this time. Therefore, at this time, we will shake our feet from side to side like a bell, causing our upper body to shake from side to side with it, forcing the enemy’s waist to stand up to maintain body balance, so that the strength of his hands that pinching my throat is also reduced. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we immediately grabbed the enemy’s throat-choking hands and slammed the enemy’s tail vertebrae with our right knee, knocking the enemy off our body (Figure 10).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-9
11. Elbow rolling

If the tenth move of hitting the tail vertebrae with the knee does not lift the enemy riding on us, the enemy still chokes our throat with both hands. At this point, we can change the counterattack move. First of all, we use both hands to push the outside of the enemy’s elbow joint inward, so that the inside of the enemy’s two elbows collide, so that the enemy’s elbows run in anti-joints and weaken the force of pinching our throat. We took this opportunity to clasp our hands and fingers together to grip the enemy’s elbows, while I rolled hard to the left to knock the enemy over. We then hit the enemy’s vulva or lower abdomen with our right knee to the left, continuously until the enemy is severely damaged and released (Figure 11).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-10
12. Grab your wrist and push your elbow

The enemy rode on us, choking us by the throat with one hand and punching me in the face with the other. At this time, we grasp the wrist of the enemy with our left hand, press the elbow bone on the outside of the enemy’s elbow joint with the palm of our right hand (Figure 12), and push it to the side forcefully, so that the enemy’s elbow joint runs in a reverse joint, thereby driving the shoulder joint on the same side, and then driving the upper body of the enemy to tilt to one side, forcing the enemy’s upper body to lose balance, thus causing the enemy’s face to hit the ground.

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-11
XIII. Elbow Spiral Arm

The enemy takes a riding position and presses our shoulders down with both hands, and we turn the enemy’s left forearm from left to right with our left hand, and force the enemy’s left forearm to twist and cross its right forearm, and clamp the enemy’s own right elbow joint. At this point, our right hand grasps the enemy’s right wrist and rotates the enemy’s right arm in a clockwise direction to get up and get out of enemy control (Figure 13).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-12
XIV. Hook the neck

After the enemy knocked us down, he pressed diagonally against my upper body from our left side, pressed my left arm against my shoulder, and stuck my neck with my right hand. At this time, our right hand and right leg are not controlled by the enemy. We shall immediately put our right hand on the neck of the enemy and choke the enemy’s throat, forcing the enemy to throw his head back and expose his chin. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we immediately raise our right foot back and up, hook the enemy’s jaw with our right foot, and then forcefully hook the enemy’s jaw to the right and down, so that we can get out (Figure 14).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-13
Fifteen, hook feet and kick knees

We were riding on the subway, and the enemy stepped forward to provoke and try to grab me by the chest. At this time, we can hook the heel of one of the enemy’s feet with the heel of one foot, and use the other leg to violently cross the knee joint of the enemy’s leg, because the knee joint can only be bent backwards, not left and right, therefore, the outside of the enemy’s knee joint is violently hit by our side, and it will inevitably fall to one side. In addition, we can also use the other foot to step forward and step on the front of the enemy’s knee after hooking the heel of one of the enemy’s feet with the other foot, at which point the enemy will also fall backwards (Figure 15).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-14
16. Pull arm bumper

In bars, we inevitably encounter the provocation of alcoholics. When the enemy puts his right hand on our right shoulder from behind us, we can quickly grab the enemy’s right hand with both hands and lean forward with force, pulling the enemy’s right arm forward and down, and striking the enemy’s palm or finger hard against the bar to shock the enemy (Figure 16).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-15
17. Scratch your face and pat your brain

In the restaurant, drunkards provoke us. The enemy stepped forward and wrapped his left arm around my neck from our right side. Our right hand immediately extends forward from behind the enemy’s left shoulder and grabs the enemy’s face, then pushes hard backwards to force him to let go. If the enemy does not let go at this time, and at the same time the face is still facing forward in order to resist, we can quickly release our right hand and, taking advantage of the enemy’s inertia in front of it, slap the back of the enemy’s head with our right hand and then forward to subdue it (Figure 17).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-16
18. Pull the knee on the side

In the hotel lobby, we were sitting for a nap when the enemy approached to commit aggression. Since we are seated and the enemy is standing, the enemy’s knees are within range of our hands. Since the knee joint can only be bent backwards, it cannot be bent left and right. Therefore, we can easily wrench the enemy to the ground by quickly grabbing the outside of the joint of one of the enemy’s legs with both hands and violently pulling it to the other side (Figure 18).

18 anti-riot fighting moves-illustration-17

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