kung fu moves · 06/04/2023

15-minute office aerobics (group photo)

Stretch in a sitting position

15-minute office aerobics (group photo)-illustration-
Raise your arms as much as possible, palms together, and keep your upper arms close to your ears as much as possible, feel your back and shoulders stretched upwards, and tuck your abdomen and chest.

Hold on for 10-15 seconds each time, repeating 2-3 times.

Stand stereoscopic lateral flexion

15-minute office aerobics (group photo)-illustration-1
The feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, the toes of the right foot are abducted, the left foot is slightly buckled, the arms are raised flatly, the body is bent to the right and the right hand holds the right ankle, the eyes look at the direction where the left fingers are pointing, pay attention to the upper body and legs to keep the same plane, the hip joint should not be bent, pause for about 5-10 seconds, slowly reduce, and the two sides alternately.

Triceps arm flexion and extension

15-minute office aerobics (group photo)-illustration-2
Sitting on the office chair, hands on the side of the body to support the edge of the chair, feet together on the ground, arms to support the body to move out of the office chair, elbows, body down, legs naturally bent, descending to the hips close to the ground, triceps brachii forcefully support the reduction.

Recommended exercise intensity: 8-12 times per group, 2-3 groups of main exercise parts: triceps; Auxiliary exercise parts: deltoid muscles, back muscles, chest muscles.

Step forward

15-minute office aerobics (group photo)-illustration-3
Lunge forward with your right leg, bend your knee joint at 90 degrees, raise your arms as straight as possible, lean against your ears, stretch your abdomen behind your shoulders and straighten your chest, pause for about 10 seconds, and change your legs.

Recommended exercise intensity: alternate legs into a group, do 1-2 groups of main exercise parts: quadriceps, glutes, deltoids; Auxiliary exercise area: back muscles.