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10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-
We have compiled MMA fighting techniques that can be used for self-defense and self-defense, and these moves can be mastered by ordinary people.

1. Block the belly + hugging arm back fall + cross fixed lock arm

Both sides stand in a left-hand fighting style; The enemy attacks our head with a right swing or a straight fist; We immediately blocked the defense with our left arm, then punched the enemy in the abdomen with our right fist.

Immediately afterwards, our left hand grabbed the enemy’s right wrist, while holding the enemy’s right big arm with the right hand, and took a right step and turned left, pressed the hip against the enemy’s hip joint, bent forward, and pulled the enemy’s right arm forward and down violently with both hands, and threw the enemy to the ground with the move of holding the arm and throwing it back.

Subsequently, we immediately fell to the ground on our backs, locked the enemy’s neck with our left leg, and at the same time grasped the enemy’s right wrist with both hands, firmly controlling the enemy’s right arm between our clamped legs and bringing it close to our body; Immediately, our crotch is forced, and the principle of leverage puts great pressure on the enemy’s elbow, and in severe cases, it can even cause him to be strained and dislocated.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-1
Second, copy the trip + triangle lock leg grappling

Both sides stand in a left-hand fighting style; The enemy attacks our middle and upper set with his right leg; Our side immediately hugged the enemy’s right leg with our left arm; Then twist to the left, trip and kick the enemy’s left support leg with your upper right foot, and push the enemy in the chest or throat with your right hand to knock the enemy backwards.

Immediately afterwards, we fell to the ground on our backs, grasped the enemy’s right ankle with both hands, firmly controlled the enemy’s right leg between our clamped legs, and interlocked the two feet to form a triangular lock, catch the enemy’s leg, and keep the leg close to our body; Immediately, we straightened our crotches and put great pressure on the enemy’s knee joint through the principle of leverage, and in severe cases, it could even cause strains and dislocations.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-2
Third, the hoop neck hit the crotch + holding the neck and tripping + guillotine bare hanging

We hold the enemy’s head and neck and hit the enemy’s crotch and abdomen continuously with our knees; Then our side used the move of holding the neck and stumbling to knock the enemy down; After the enemy fell to the ground, our side wrapped our right arm tightly around the opponent’s neck and subdued the enemy with the “guillotine naked hang” move.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-3
4. Elbow folding + knee to hit the head

Our left fighting stand; The enemy stepped up to the right and grabbed my chest with his right hand; Our side immediately grabs the palm of the enemy’s wrist above the wrist joint with our left hand, and lifts the enemy’s right elbow joint upwards with our right hand so that its right arm cannot be bent; We then bent forward and bent forward, causing the enemy’s right palm to fold upwards and in the direction of his arm, causing pain and fracture of the enemy’s right wrist under great pressure; Taking advantage of the enemy’s forced body to lean forward, our right knee slammed into the enemy’s front.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-4
5. Arm folding + leg kicking crotch

The enemy grabbed my hair with his right hand from our back; We immediately grasp the back of the enemy’s right hand above the wrist joint with both hands, and press the base of his right palm with both thumbs; Our side immediately retreats to the right and steps back, and at the same time rotates the upper body to the right and backward downward, driving the enemy’s right wrist to rotate so that the enemy’s right palm is downward and folded in the direction of the enemy’s arm, causing the enemy’s right wrist to bear great pressure and pain and fracture; We took the opportunity to kick the enemy in the crotch with our right leg.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-5
6. Wrist folding + knee bumping head

The enemy hugged me from behind my back and grabbed his right wrist with his left hand to form a lock; Our side immediately grabbed the enemy’s right hand with our left hand and folded the enemy’s wrist downward, and broke the enemy’s left forearm downward with our right hand, while turning the body 180 degrees back to the right, and twisting the enemy’s arm above the enemy; After freeing and controlling the enemy’s right arm, we immediately raised our right knee and hit the enemy’s head.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-6
7. Pull arm to hit the head + hug the arm back fall + lift the arm to unload the shoulder

The enemy grabbed me by the shoulders from the front; Our side immediately stretched out the enemy’s arms from the inside out with both arms, and grabbed the enemy’s arms and pulled them back, while hitting the enemy’s face with his forehead; Then step up and right, turn 180 degrees to the left and back, and throw the enemy on the back; After the enemy fell to the ground, we lifted the enemy’s right arm upwards and stomped down on the enemy’s right armpit with our right foot, dislocating the enemy’s right shoulder joint.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-7
8. Dodge knee collision + bare twisted neck

We stand in a left-fighting style; The enemy punches me straight in the head with a left step up and right straight; We immediately slid forward to the left and dodged to the outside of the enemy’s right arm; Our side follows the inertia of the enemy’s forward punch, grasps and presses the enemy’s shoulder and back with both hands, and at the same time raises the right knee to hit the enemy’s chest and ribs; Immediately, we locked the enemy’s neck with our right arm and submitted to the enemy.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-8
9. Hook and fall + ground smash

We stand in a left-fighting style; The enemy punches me straight in the head with a left step up and right straight; Our side immediately dived downwards to dodge and stepped up closer, wrapped our arms around the enemy’s waist, hung the enemy’s left leg with our right leg and hooked it back hard, and at the same time used our right shoulder to violently push forward against the enemy’s chest and abdomen, and fell the enemy on his back; Our side immediately mounted on the enemy’s chest and abdomen and smashed the enemy’s head continuously with fists and elbows.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-9
10. Dodge and hug the leg fall + control the leg and bend the waist

We stand in a left-fighting style; The enemy hit me in the head with a high kick, and we dodged on our backs; Taking advantage of the enemy’s sweeping kick and turning back, our side stepped up and hugged the enemy’s legs, pushed the enemy’s hips forward with his head, and threw the enemy down; We continue to clamp the knee joint of the enemy’s leg with both arms; We bend our legs and press our knees and thighs forward and up against the enemy’s thighs, so that the enemy’s lumbar spine bends backwards and yields.

10 self-defensive MMA fighting techniques-illustration-10
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