kung fu power · 06/02/2023

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians

1. Tumbling Houxi Point: protect the cervical spine and lumbar spine

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians-illustration-

If you sit in front of the computer, you can place this part of the back of your hands on the edge of the table, use the wrist joint to drive your hands, and easily roll back and forth to achieve a stimulating effect.

During rolling, it has a slight soreness. Just set aside three minutes a day to take a look at your hands. If you stick to it, it does have a very, very good effect on the cervical spine and lumbar spine, and it is also very good for protecting eyesight.

2. Pat the elbow fossa: discharge cardiopulmonary fire and toxins

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians-illustration-1

The elbow fossa is a dense meridian part, with three meridians passing through the lung meridian, pericardial meridian and heart meridian, and tapping the elbow fossa can discharge the fire and toxins of the heart and lungs.

When the palm is relaxed, the powerful and rhythmic pat down, each arm continuously pats for 5~10 minutes, first pat the left elbow fossa, and then pat the right elbow fossa, there will be blue, red, purple, black and other different colors of toxin reactants, the darker the color, the more serious the problem.

It is best to pat once a week, generally 3~5 times the reactants will be significantly reduced, and the toxins will be cleaned up. If you are afraid of pain, gently patting until redness can also open the meridians and promote the flow of qi and blood.

Recommendation: Drink a glass of warm water immediately after the pat to speed up detoxification, and do not shower on the day.

3. Yoga butterfly style: promote blood circulation

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians-illustration-2

Go home at night and do this movement, grasp the toes with both hands, open your knees to the sides, try to stick to the ground, keep your waist straight, and your knees vibrate rhythmically to the floor.

Yoga butterfly style by pressing down on the legs, can exercise the pelvis, promote blood circulation in the pelvis, nourish the bladder, kidneys and other organs, thereby improving skin tone, making the skin white and red, while effectively stretching the back and crotch to strengthen the flexibility of the body.

4. Rub your face to refresh your skin

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians-illustration-3

Rub your hands until warm, dry clean your face, rub your face 60 times, and gently brush your palms warm.

Suggestion: After waking up, before going to bed, you can do it when you feel tired in your eyes.

5. Pull the shoulder and neck pads up with both arms

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians-illustration-4

Hold this stretch for 10 seconds, relax, and do it again. During the stretch, you will feel pain points in the back of the shoulder and neck. Very comfortable after doing it.

6. Stretch the spine to relieve back fatigue

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians-illustration-5

Hold this position for 10 seconds, relax, and do it again.

7. Shoulder lift, loose shoulder and neck protection

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Stand up straight, lift your shoulders, feel a sore stretch in your shoulders, hold this feeling for 15 seconds, and relax your shoulders.

8. Relieves sore shoulders + lose weight

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians-illustration-7

Buy a rolling pin, often put it under the feet to roll it back and forth, 10~15 minutes a day. If the corresponding position of your shoulder and neck will feel pain, there are particles, roll out until the particles spread, the pain in the shoulder and neck will also spread accordingly, and you can lose weight by doing it.

9. The bladder is detoxified

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians-illustration-8

The more you can’t reach, the more it means that your toxins accumulate more, but don’t worry, don’t use brute force, as long as the tendons on the back of the thighs have a stretched feeling, otherwise it is easy to strain the ligaments.

10. Press the kneading hall to improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function

10 pictures teach you to open up the body meridians-illustration-9

40 times at a time is appropriate. This can adjust endocrine, improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function, and calm the mind.