kung fu moves · 06/10/2023

10 groups of unexpected counterattack fighting moves

Surprise and surprise victory are one of the most successful techniques in hand-to-hand combat.

When the enemy does not know that we will carry out the fighting move, our side relies on a sudden attack, so that the enemy is not fully prepared to receive a sudden blow, and it is likely to be defeated by our side.

This is a sequel to the preemptive self-defense and self-defense fighting move, which causes severe pain and incapacitation of the enemy with one hit.

1. Pry hands to support elbows

The enemy grabbed our right wrist with his right hand from the front of us (Figure 1-1). Our right arm is immediately flexed outward and upwards, forcing the enemy’s right wrist joint to form a reverse joint and forcing him to let go (Fig. 1-2). Moving upwards, our side moved forward and raised our elbows upwards, slamming the enemy’s jaw with our right elbow, and unexpectedly hitting the enemy hard (Figs. 1-3).

10 groups of unexpected counterattack fighting moves-illustration-
Second, break the cheeks and lift the legs

The enemy clamps our neck with his right arm from our left side and presses down (Figure 2-1). We quickly withdrew our left hand, bypassed the enemy’s right arm, and grabbed the enemy’s cheek and wrestled it back, forcing the enemy to lean back and fall backwards with his center of gravity (Figure 2-2). Immediately afterwards, our side picked up the enemy’s right leg with our right hand and lifted it upward, causing the enemy’s center of gravity to completely fall backwards (Fig. 2-3). Moving upward, our left hand continues to move the cheek, the body turns to the left and down, and the right hand continues to lift the enemy’s right leg to the upper left, so that the enemy’s support leg and left leg cannot adjust the balance center of gravity and is overturned to the ground (Figure 2-4).

10 groups of unexpected counterattack fighting moves-illustration-1
Third, support the palm back to the elbow

The enemy wrapped his arms around our waist from behind our back, and we stepped forward to the right and leaned forward, while we stretched our arms forward and supported them in preparation for pushing our elbows backwards (Figure 3-1). Immediately afterwards, our side suddenly squatted down, knelt on the left knee, twisted our body to the right and back, and struck the enemy’s right rib with the right elbow or picked the enemy’s crotch and abdomen with the right elbow back, and repeated blows with the right elbow until the enemy was severely damaged and incapacitated (Fig. 3-2, Fig. 3-3, Fig. 3-4).

10 groups of unexpected counterattack fighting moves-illustration-2
Fourth, turn around and fall

The enemy clapped our right shoulder with his right hand from the left side behind us (Figure 4-1). We immediately wrapped our left hand around the enemy’s right arm, turned left and backward, pinned our right foot behind the enemy’s legs, and then bent our right elbow to press the enemy’s neck, propped the ground with our left foot and pinned our right foot, and fell backwards from the enemy’s direction (Figure 4-2).

10 groups of unexpected counterattack fighting moves-illustration-3
5. Stretch up and down

The enemy is on our left side, stretching out his right hand and patting our right shoulder; We immediately grabbed the enemy’s right wrist with our right hand, while quickly twisting back to the left and striking the enemy’s face with the back of our left fist (Figure 5-1). Immediately after the upward movement, our right fist quickly smashes down and backwards into the enemy’s crotch, severely damaging the enemy (Figure 5-2).

Sixth, withdraw and pry the crotch

The enemy clasped us with both arms from the front of us (Figure 6-1). Since the enemy was close to us and had no room to move, we quickly retreated to the left and sideways to distance ourselves from the enemy, and then slammed the enemy’s crotch with our right palm, severely damaging the enemy (Figure 6-2).

10 groups of unexpected counterattack fighting moves-illustration-4
7. Hook the leg back

The enemy hugged our arms together with both arms from behind our backs (Figure 7-1). Our right leg immediately stretches back to cross the enemy’s right leg, and then we throw our upper body back violently, and at the same time hook forward and kick the right leg, the enemy will inevitably raise his head to defend and lose his center of gravity and fall backwards (Figure 7-2).

8. Take off your elbows

The enemy grabbed my left wrist with his right hand (Figure 8-1). We immediately pull the left hand outward, rotate externally and flex the arm to retract, so that the enemy’s right wrist joint is twisted and pain and let go (at this time, the enemy will hurt his wrist if he does not let go, Figure 8-2). Immediately after the upward movement, our side immediately followed the trend and slammed forward and elbowed the enemy in the neck, defeating the enemy (Figure 8-3).

10 groups of unexpected counterattack fighting moves-illustration-5
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9. Hold hands and swing fists

The enemy is on the left side in front of us and reaches out to grab our left shoulder (Figure 9-1). We quickly grabbed the enemy’s right hand with our left hand and pulled it sideways back to lunging forward, and then we slammed the enemy’s left rib with a right-swing fist to defeat the enemy (Figure 9-2).

10 groups of unexpected counterattack fighting moves-illustration-6

10. Hold hands and elbows

We grab the enemy’s left hand and pull back (Figure 10-1). We then stepped up to the left and slammed the enemy’s neck with our right elbow to defeat the enemy (Figure 10-2).